Inspector sacked by Metro for attacking graffiti artists made a false report


Painted graffiti in the subway.
Painted graffiti in the subway.EM
  • controversial The inspector who detained and attacked graffiti artists outside metro facilities has been relieved of his position

The service inspector of the Segurissa company, which was relieved of his position for intimidating and attacking graffiti artists and homeless people, also made false statements about his actions, or about workers of other security companies, about those affected. Reported.

After receiving reports and complaints, the police is investigating the action of this inspector and Metro on Wednesday asked the Segurissa company to be sacked. This company is subcontracted by Metro to see your deposits at night And prevent graffiti artists from penetrating the paint.

In 2018, Security Dogs Company also became part of the surveillance team along with its canine guides. This group blocks the works of graffiti artists by dogs that pounce on them And they do reduce them, but without injuring them because they have an impact muzzle that is specifically designed not to cause harm. Since the arrival of dogs, the entry of graffiti artists into warehouses at night has decreased significantly.

However, according to employees, the sacked inspector exaggerated the graffiti artists’ works to justify their work done before or on the subway. illegal arrest of people That they had not committed any criminal act and were on a public road in the warehouse area. In addition, he forced the guards to put whatever they wanted in the report, they would be fired if they did not share their methods.

Before viewers write their report, he sends them a blueprint so that they say what he saysA letter of assurance that some workers gave to the company.

The inspector also steals spray cans from graffiti artists, when it comes to a power that only security forces have. sometimes i used to keep those boats To blame other graffiti artists.

Other victims of JAR’s actions have been employees of the Security Dogs Company, for whom it made life impossible. Inspector and his superiors used mafia tactics to defame us. They gave us false reports every two or three times so that they cleared us. It was a persecution and demolition. What they were doing was very serious. You can’t kill some kids because they carry paint cans, On any given day they kill one, criticize a worker.

According to the evidence collected by this newspaper, it was normal for the managers of the Knight team of the Segurissa company to talk about go hunting rats, referring to graffiti artists. However, some believe that the inspector who has been sacked is not the only one who should have been sacked, as the head of operations is the head of the service.

In the video circulated on the social network, it is seen how the Inspector hit homeless man multiple times who was on the ground and how another commander threatens two youths present in a park.

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