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Advertising companies Ipunto, Clear Channel, Exterion, Redext and Big Screen will leave their positions and there will be no financial compensation

Billboards on the airport highway, Ibiza.
Billboards on the airport highway, Ibiza.World

The Interior Ministry has stated that it will be able to broadcast instant messages on external advertising media soliciting citizen cooperation in them Cases of police investigation in which it is requiredLike the cases of alerts triggered by the disappearance of people.

According to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior, this comes from the purpose signed agreement This Monday at the Department’s Headquarters between the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael President and advertising companies Ipunto, Clear Channel, Exterion, Redext and Big Screen.

The said agreement is specifically aimed at “dissemination of alerts triggered by the disappearance of persons, cases in which a request for a request has been made. civic support through the media and social networks”, outlined the interior.

These messages will be prepared by the Secretary of State for Security, and their content will include “information for the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal offences, including Protection against and prevention of threats to public safety”.

Similarly, it has been elaborated that the text contains phone number An email address or any other channel specially opened for the occasion to receive citizen support calls and, when necessary.

The Agreement provides that the information transmitted includes the date, time and place where the incident occurred; the person’s name, age and gender; an updated photo; physical description of the missing person and the clothes he was wearing when he was last seen; health data and the specific drug being administered; and characteristics of the vehicle, when there is evidence of its use.

Similarly, it has been determined that it will be a Valid for three years, renewable And that, said the agreement, “doesn’t require any economic considerations” Not for any party.”

On the other hand, advertising companies Space will be given free of cost It has been earmarked for the dissemination of information and the dissemination of messages, at no cost to the Ministry of the Interior.

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