Internet Explorer ceases to receive support, while public administration continues to rely on its operations

  • technology Internet Explorer will stop working from June 15

This is the date set for June 15th internet explorer, After more than 25 years of service, he says goodbye. Officially as of today, the browser will no longer be supported by its developers.

it’s done A Death Chronicle Predictedsomething that should in principle surprise no one, because Microsoft has been announcing it for years, although the final thrust came in the hands of the general manager of microsoft edge Enterprise, Sean Lindersey, when he pointed out in May that “the future of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 lies in Microsoft Edge.”

The problem is that near like SpainThis update, very common in the computer sector, in which a five-year program is already out of date, It seems to have caught you by surprise.

In particular, to date, Various processes of public administration They continue to depend on this browser that has gone from dying to dead. software that stops get updatesAny improvements, including patches and improvements related to cyber security. A problem that directly affects the Spanish electronic administration.

“end of internet explorer and the consequences of this have been known for at least five years and we have been asking for years what the development Compatible with other browsers“, they explain to the Central Independent Trade Unions and Officers (CSIF).

“lasso various administrationsIn theory, they have time to adapt their programs and applications to be used internally and by citizens in their processes. It may happen, let’s hope, that some Administration has not adapted Still their application and if there is a problem, we understand that it will be in most older applications and it can be fixed”, he explains.

From CSIF, they assure that from tomorrow, they will ensure that this process is completed normally in both SEPE and social Securityjustice, local and territorial administration, “without prejudice to the citizens and the workforce, who in the end always show their face when an individual is concerned with administration,

Microsoft. Firstly, it has maintained Long Term Serving Channel (LTSC) Windows 10Designed for devices such as medical imaging devices, industrial robots or on-board computers on aircraft that do not require Update in the next few years.

The problem is that this solution is designed for devices that perform highly specialized workNot for computers for administrative use, as it also disables many of the functions of these machines.

It has also enabled a mode internet explorer In (IE) Edge, its a natural alternative. Thus, the same apps and sites that only work in Internet Explorer 11 can open in microsoft edge with this mode. In fact, some companies in our country that work on developing automation systems that are designed to be integrated into administration confirm that they already have Direct development for Edge In compatibility mode with Internet Explorer.

Electronic administration, on the verge of obsolescence

“In my company we were informed yesterday that many computer applications, for the whole summer, they will stop working with Internet Explorer or at least they will stop getting support. So they force our customers to switch corner in compatibility mode with IE”, explains G. Rodriguez, a computer scientist who has been automating processes for various companies for years. “Many public administration application are developed in Java and are today only compatible with Internet Explorer,” he says.

According to Rodriguez, the problem is that when the user accesses a function of an application or a web page, for example, from haciendaOf course, you’re usually ‘calling’ a web application built in Java, as it was designed many years ago. This is the key to the programming language functioning of public administration And it doesn’t work in other browsers.

“The problem is that most browsers abandoned Java because it proved To be embroiled in a blow or accident, However, it is still necessary when performing certain tasks. administrative procedures“, explains Anders Gummez, a computer scientist specializing in business digitization.

Some of these processes are Firma Digitalwhich was developed with the applet of this programming language, which was designed to be included in a document web html, A system for which there was no substitute until a few years ago, however, not updating (or redesigned), the user still needs Internet Explorer to interact with the electronic signature in Java.

It’s true they’ve been promoted some options Such as the [email protected] system and, above all, [email protected], but they have not yet been implemented in all portals, both regional and national. neither in internal processAs confirmed by internal sources who confirm that they still have terminals that work Windows XP,

“Many applications that are still used today and they don’t have a choiceThey stopped updating because the companies that developed them no longer work with Internet Explorer, as it requires a specific configuration, whereas it requires Chrome, Brave and Mozilla It’s what it is,” Rodriguez says.

emphasizing the same Microsoft Moved to Edge as it uses the Chromium engine, which has similar compatibility Google Chrome, “It was hoped that the Microsoft standard, from the time when digital processes were designed, would last for many years, but this has not happened. topic is omitted And it will probably be more than one person’s turn to work overtime to migrate at full speed”, Gomez, for her part, underlined.

However, as confirmed by sources Administrationfrom systems, which are in charge of support and computer events, already working Update these pages.

However, they assure that migration,Although the servers are newThis should be done gradually and tested, as they are applications that cannot, for example, formalize employment contracts.

“Events have slowed us down, we have to” change everything in five monthsIn fact, it is already difficult to find something older than 2019 in some ministries. the problem lies in old website“, they emphasize, referring to the cyberattack faced by SEPE last year.

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