Interrupts Spanish military surveillance and Russian intelligence flights and suspicious transport almost daily


Defense Minister Margarita Robles travels to Lithuania to visit ‘Vilkas’ deployment: 150 soldiers and eight fighters are in “first line of risk”

Margarita Robles, This Monday in Lithuania.
Margarita Robles, This Monday in Lithuania.Xavier LizzyEFE
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In the first line of risk. In one of the hottest regions on the planet. Where no day is silent. Where fighters are on guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with risk situations, threats coming from the Russian Federation.

in Lithuania, in base of siaulia140 Spanish soldiers and eight fighters participate in an aerial surveillance deployment in the Baltic Police. The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has descended to visit the Spanish contingent on the week the Armed Forces Conference is held. And at that very moment an alarm sounded, “Another”. Two Spanish fighters had to go out to “control” a Russian aircraft that was in an exclusion zone, which was entering NATO territory without due recognition. Lieutenant Colonel to do this He explained that departures are common, tense situations occur daily, but that intercepted aircraft have not been “aggressive” so far. Although yes, from time to time they ‘play’ cat and mouse, as if it were a tactical exercise: “they line up when you’re next to them”. “But at the moment, we have not encountered a maximum pressure incident,” say the personnel participating in the deployment. Yes, the intercepted aircraft are “transport or intelligence”.

Military operations in the Baltic countries were launched in 2004, when NATO included them as partners. and they’re countries that didn’t have air defense, so the mission Air Police in the Baltic (BAP) member countries who introduced themselves.

Following Russia’s invasion of the Crimean peninsula, in 2014 the coalition implemented a series of deterrence and response measures, including the integration of all NATO air defense systems, including the integration of a NATO contingent. Baltic Air Police in the said plan.

device Wolves (wolf in Lithuanian) Composed of eight fighters. The staff is currently composed of 140 soldiers (130 permanent and ten active reinforcement serials). staff is mostly from Air Force (138 members of the EA and two of the CC, 125 men and 15 women), are based at Siauliai Air Base and Siauliya Air Control Center. Karmelava Access to all essential services.

This last contingent of the Air Force, deployed since April 1, has already faced nearly a dozen alerts with over 400 flight hours.

The officer in charge explained to the minister that Russian transport and intelligence aircraft have been stopped, “We even greet each other on most occasions when we go out to be identified and photographed,” explains the commander, who It also does not deny that the Russians try to “minify” NATO’s deployment capability in the event of an air threat in the Baltic region.

Minister Robles, who insisted that the Spanish military was on a “mission of peace”, thanked the work and professionalism of the army stationed in the area. “Sometimes in Spain we don’t have enough value”, and praised the work done by the Air Force. He had a memory for the relatives of displaced soldiers.

Spain offered to train Ukrainian troops in Latvia in the operation of combat tanks

Jamad, López Calderón, praised the mission as being “successful” and thanked the team for their work “which serves to enhance the international reputation of our armed forces.”

After the current rotation ends, Spain’s next deployment to the Baltic Police may be with Germany. But if the work of the armed forces in Lithuania is complex at present, deployment is also not easy in Latvia, where more than 300 soldiers are part of a defensive deployment in the region along with tanks. According to defense sources, Spain has already offered Ukraine to train its troops to deal with battle tanks used by NATO.

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