Invisible on social networks? Only one out of four Twitter messages mentions a woman

las girls They don’t speak, they never ask, only boys,” says film director Mabel Lozano. She’s speaking out experience When he gives lectures in various institutes and universities after the screening of his films. “They dare and are happy, they feel embarrassed to handle that stage; argument public, they are not capable”, she says during the meeting ‘Invisible Women: Those We See and Those We Don’t See’, in which she addresses the lack of female visibility with the author naked freighter,

The position she depicts is also evident in the social networks and digital conversations that arise around women: in only one out of every four messages. Twitter (25.76%) refers to a woman. this is what the report says ,Women leaders on the threshold of visibility made by LLYC, Analysis of digital conversations about reference in politics, business and journalism, which highlights the gaps in the efforts women dedicate to their evaluation achievements, Compared to men, they make 33% less, according to studies published in Harvard Business Review.

These are data that show a lack of visibility of women, one that “affects all aspects of them” and which does not contribute to their empowerment, but on the contrary, “holds them in one”. outskirtsnot. as beings of can do“, assures María Martínez-Lirola, Professor at the University of Alicante and author of the essay ‘Exploring the Invisibility of Women from Different Cultures in Society and Media’. In her opinion, hardly ” Contribution women from society”, and it is impossible for both genders to share power and decision making in this scenario. Verdict,

In the case of businesswomen, the figures are particularly shocking. They are barely mentioned in one out of every 100 emails. Twitter, The conclusion is clear: in digital conversations, instructions practically do not exist, so a young woman, who is active in social networks and who aspires to lead a company in the future, has only one reference: to do so. Image of a man.

why are there low voices NounWhy don’t women dare to cross that line and make themselves visible? According to the annual Women in the Workplace report by McKinsey & Company in collaboration with Lean In, the feeling that “the workplace” In college“Impresses in what you do and throws back. That is, while perceiving conversations in which they can be perceived” exceptionMany women prefer not to cross the threshold.

from that loneliness and lack reference Espido Friar speaks. “By the age of 35, women have some visibility,” the authors explain. Usually this is due to physical appearance or “fixed” SkillFor example being an actress, singer, dancer, athlete… are some exception, which are shown as an example for the latter disappearing into mass. What happened to the brilliant student of biology who was about to become the greatest hope? Or with the winner of the 2020 Planeta Prize? I’m an exception, but I ain’t lost a way, I’m still the one Example Lonely. And an example that often turns whitewash that should have been stopped, because ‘one is already done’ … If we talk about famous painters we refer to Frida Khalo, her figure for generations will be worth to us. But there is no more, there is one Enough For everyone. And as they say, age does not help either. As we women get older, “we find ourselves in a barren“. At 47, she assures that she will have to overcome most problems single-handedly and “be her own teacher”.

fear of shining

But it’s not only men who talk less about women on social networks; He himself rarely uses them to promote himself. For other reasons, because of low faith in loved ones Capabilities Professionals and because they are not as confident as they are that doing so brings them benefits and financial incentives. “The women They have been very active in what it has to do with promoting beauty, sexuality… men use them for more candid and direct professional self-promotion, with less blush in terms of self-identity , for example, their own achievements Says Alejandra Nuno, sociologist expert in business development, who emphasizes that “women have historically been ‘educated’ to be more educated. rationalConsiderate, cooperative and for the betterment and balance of the community, including the workplace, to pass on our successes to third parties”.

Plus, “many women like to reduce their visibility and social networks go unnoticed to avoid being the center of criticism”, explains the therapy chat team of psychologists led by Ada Rubio, “they have historically been not evaluated properly traditionally male roles, and to this added the lack of authority attributed to them, especially in politics or economics. their Training It has always been a step behind even in the areas of greatest commercial influence, which has led to a lack of his right.” Furthermore, “the disqualification It’s very different for men and women”, says Espido Freire, and very often, “when we talk about big issues that interest us, they are taken as trivial”.

For equal behavior, they are Appreciatethey punished, For example, superiority, arrogance, or a controlling character generate twice as many negative feelings towards female entrepreneurs as towards males. Objective theoretical features, such as independence And this Competition, Actually, most of the negativity towards women on Twitter is in the corporate world. “Although more and more women are holding positions InfluentialMen-dominated territory remains, and gender roles perpetuate values ​​of how they should behave and what each other’s actions are,” says Aida Rubio.

double loop bias

The argument would then point to the fact that, if women are punished for being ambitious (27% more than men), they should be commended for being ambitious. sympathy, helpful or continuous in their endeavors. But the opposite happened. Also these three qualities criticized Twice harder than men. “It not only makes women feel more exposed and feel insecure on social networks, but also feel that their opinions are undermined,” Rubio says, which causes them to withdraw and Partiality Double-loops: they avoid promoting themselves so as not to penalize, but are less presentable Effect negative in career

However, interactions on social networks are 3.65% more violent towards men and, moreover, officers Spanish women receive twice as much messages with support and explicit affection than their male partners. Although here female perception also has its own side B. women get positions Positive mood, but with some emotion ancestral As in ‘honey’, ‘dear’, ‘champion’ or ‘good’, whereas men do not. Why is language used to address female gender change? “Those expressions express the feeling that give birth to child Or excessive protection of women. It is a very widespread and deeply rooted habit, often practiced unconsciously, but which is actually the result of a long history. discrimination“, Ada Rubio replies.

change the story

On the other hand, when women leaders play a role active And increasing their visibility on the network, the impact on the balance of conversations is pretty remarkable, says the report. “In practice this trend would have been ‘until now’. There is a value internal For the woman who is able to not only do the job – you just have to see how they stand out with the best record in academic matters – but also that they are exceptional in the weaving network help You networking”, says Alejandra Nuno, “at most they will be free to use the same or similar social networks as men. and to use them for their job identity, as they weave exceptional networking and cooperative relationships, a Eligibility Today is important.”

However, it is necessary to increase the visibility of women leaders, especially in the field. Business, The greater the presence of the woman in the conversation, the faster the prejudices will be corrected; Ambition will no longer be considered low when it is personified by a woman, and characteristics such as vulnerability will only be seen as parting ways Leadership,

For this it is necessary to put an end to the fear of what they will say. In this sense, the psychologists at Therapy Chat offer three tips to encourage you to increase your presence on the network:

  • Belief within himself. When you project an image of confidence and security, others will understand and value your opinion.
  • Value Your own opinion Doubt is one of the worst enemies of the image we transmit to the world.
  • hug Your mistakes, don’t overlook the fact that we all make mistakes. Don’t be afraid of mistake and give your opinion freely.

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