Ioan Bellara and Yolanda Dazs try to mobilize in the final stages, outlining unity in Córdoba: “You have to work hard”


They call for mass participation despite “gloom and fear” and call for tilting election forecasts as “elections do not decide elections”.

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Nieto during the ceremony in Cordoba.IU
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  • Policy Yolanda Diaz enters the Andalusian campaign with her first starring role in six months opposite Eoin Belara

Reunion in the Heart of a Honeycomb. crdobaIn the grip of a heat wave that has raised the mercury above 40 degrees, this Saturday has seen a picture relevant to our politics as nationally unusual: the hug between Eoin Bellara and Yolanda Diaz, months later. to unite for the first time in an organic act to support the candidate of Por Andalucá, inma neito,

It had been half a year since the government’s second vice president and social rights minister had not shared the stage outside the institutional spotlight. And after fourteen months from the last time they met together. This Saturday, the two have joined forces and put aside public inconsistencies to demand progressive voters attempt the campaign’s final blow and thereby neutralize the sum of right-wing forces whose All choices give a comfortable possibility. Governance in the Junta de Andaluca.

The idea is synthesized by Bellara minutes before merging into an almost-minute embrace with Diaz to applause: We must “work hard this last week of the campaign” to avoid low turnout from left-wing voters. . The Labor Minister, for his part, has called for a massive vote from the trade union world.

“Despite the gloom and fear, give us a chance,” asked the vice president, who has publicly outlined for the first time her intention to take a step forward “to conquer Spain” through the project she is building. and which will begin after passing through the Kalash in Andaluca.

Grandson, “Big Surprise”

No one in the universe of Por Andaluca denies the poor prediction calculated by the polls for the Inma Nieto-led coalition. He says that the elections are not favorable. But elections are not dictated by polls, the vice president is used to try to revitalize voters, which, according to Bellara, is more between the worst and the worst with Juanma Moreno’s PP and Vox’s relationship with Macarena. There are electoral options. Olona. The biggest surprise of the Nieto campaign will be, he told himself yesterday in Córdoba with his direct rival, Teresa Rodriguez, to try to elevate the candidate.

Daz’s staging in line with Podemos’ leadership comes a few hours later when the second vice president matches up with Iago Erezen to campaign for the first time on stage. Ms Pas and the leaders of Podemos will not share meetings and at the same time play down the possibility of reconciliation, when both sides try to show goodwill with Diaz.

However, the idea that Dazs and Irezon alone lead an act in Málaga this Sunday does not please the purple ranks. In fact, we may try to counteract the appointment and divert the focus with an indirect entry into the campaign of his great personality. Pablo Iglesias will present his book in San Fernando (CDZ) at the same time. A program that will be broadcast live and attended by the party apparatus in Andalusia under the leadership of Juan Antonio Delgado.

I guide the anguita

Córdoba—and the Andalusian campaign in general—is full of historical references to the Left at a time when uncertainty has gripped progressive forces, waiting to find out what will happen in the elections in Andalusia and their sights. are on set. run for election at the national level.

With just over two weeks left before Madrid will host the NATO summit, the status of the government’s purple branch is harshly critical of the celebration. This Saturday, Por Andaluca has chosen an iconic venue in Córdoba to highlight its position against the escalation of the war in the Atlantic Alliance and Ukraine: the Xarqua Theatre.

In this enclave, historical IU leader Julio Anguita led an act of rejection of NATO in the 1990s. After his death, Xarqua filled again (3,800 seats) to celebrate the first anniversary of his death in 2021. Now, the two great leaders of the United We Can, who would not attend the summit but would not counter it—as IU would only do with its participation in an optional act—melt in the Pictor in the space between Podemos and its leader where For a long time the Left has boasted of muscle power.

In fact, Anguita’s widow Maria Augustina Marten was present in this event. the theater, standing, applauds her at the same time as she chants July, July,

according to the norms of

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