Ioan Bellara justifies Podemos against Yolanda Daz and warns her that they are “essential” to her project

Spring Festival in Valencia


‘Purple’ seeks to “set course” for Sanchez, demands PSOE “step on the accelerator” and promise “unity” to vice president

Ioan Bellara and Irene Monteiro, this Sunday in Valencia.
Ioan Bellara and Irene Monteiro, this Sunday in Valencia.EFE

A year and a half to close the legislature, progressive structures beyond the PSOE take the position before the imminent metamorphosis of the Left. Faced with Yolanda Diaz’s silence about degree of heroism in Podemos’ future political plans, Eoin Bellara confirms purple An “essential” piece for both Pedro Sánchez and the second vice president to re-validate the coalition government as the “engine” of change in our country in recent times.

This is the message that the Secretary General of Podemos and the Minister of Social Rights has launched during the conclusion of the traditional spring Party of this weekend’s match Valenciaand it’s been worth it purple To regroup ties with the government’s fundamental allies who form the investment bloc in Congress and give viability to coalition proposals. This Saturday, Podemos brought together the ERC, EH Buildu and BNG at its event in Valencia, a meeting that enabled the four groups to join their demand in the PSOE: “without a strong multinational majority” looking at the next stage. Elections held. Ballot box, “Progress in rights and freedoms is in danger”.

“If this government wants to re-validate the trust of citizens, it will have to step on the accelerator,” Bellara said this Sunday as a warning to Pedro Sanchez. In Podemos, the feeling runs that there are socialists brake of “courageous” policies within the executive. For this reason, they ask their partner to follow the “pace” and allow them purple Deploy Your Roadmap Since, thanks to the minority member, Belara admits, “the most important progress of the coalition government” has been achieved.

There is a reason that Podemos defends and claims its weight in the following political movements that may explain a leftist government. Among them, in particular, wide front Yolanda Díaz will weave through the next year after dedicating the next six months, as the Andalusian election passes, to listening to citizens through the SUMAR project. but disdain for daz purple This has been clear for months, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to see the vice president reconciling in an act with the ministers of Podemos.

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On this occasion, once again, Diaz cited personal reasons for declining Podemos’ invitation. spring Party, It has been a major absence of a fundamental meeting for Bellera’s party, which focused on the meeting – an “international rally”, as it is defined – to lay the foundations and eventually lay the road map between the facing leftist formations. as an opportunity to define. The next electoral campaign for the legislature and general elections.

In fact, in Podemos they celebrate and regard as those who have managed to recover the “stability” of the bloc supporting the government, which is one of Daz’s objectives with his plan in Sumar. Is. But his continued absence in Podemos acts suggests that the Dazs project is far removed from Bellara and Monteiro, who claimed this Sunday that Podemos’ challenge is to become a coalition government’s main force.

“Let me be clear, I tell you, as Secretary General: our part will not be lacking in commitment to unity and generosity, but we also need to know that Podemos is necessary to continue expanding the changes we have been making for so long. Moving ahead of time”, Bellera launches without ever quoting Yolanda Díaz during her speech, nor Irene Monteiro a few minutes earlier.

“Republican Horizon”

The consensus in the investment bloc against PSOE comes at a time when all organizations criticize the fact that socialists have put themselves in profile before the arrival of Emeritus in our country. Until now, various leaders of Podemos had called it “outrageous” that Juan Carlos I would return to Spain without being held accountable in court. This Sunday Belara has repeated the term to define the situation and claim a “Republican horizon”.

Thus, serving the return of emeritus purple To retrieve his republican speech and his attacks against the monarchy. This Saturday, the formation sought to expand its repression against Juan Carlos I for his return and implicated the Royal House as an institution in acts of personal agenda which he branded as “shameful”. Similarly, he demanded that Felipe VI, like his father, be “accountable” to the Spanish. a thesis that Belara also conducted during the conclusion of This Sunday spring Party,

“Monarchy is the main lock that prevents a profound transformation of the state, which prevents the defense of social rights, the true democratic renewal of deep powers and the recognition of who we are: a multinational, diverse and prosperous country. Each more and more More and more people know that only a republic horizon is going to give us answers to the questions that have been on the table for four decades”, said the Social Rights Minister.

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