IPC intensifies again in May and rises 8.7% in an uptrend


Transition worsens for entire consumer segment and core inflation rises to 4.9%

Two vendors at a market stall in Madrid
Two vendors at a market stall in MadridWorld
  • This is how INE measures IPC: 200 executives visit the same store across Spain every month

the problem of inflation Which has plagued the country since the middle of last year, getting worse as the months go by and the approved measures have failed to stop the price hike. Consumer Price Index (CPI) Registered A Year-on-year growth of 8.7% in MayAccording to data advanced this Monday by INE, which means it has gained momentum by four tenths since April and left the bottom path which it looked to have begun.

This means that prices in the country are 8.7% higher than in May 2021, and they have risen more year-on-year than in April, when the CPI recorded the level. 8,3%, Back March peak, 9.8%, Analysts expected the price hike to ease gradually. original effect – Compare months to previous years in which prices were already higher – More measures Applicable to reduce surges – such as bonuses on fuel – but these are not working for the time being Moderate the increase in the indicator.

Also in May price rise transition In full shopping cart. underlying inflation -which does not include the cost of energy and fresh food as they are the most volatile elements- a 4,9%, highest rate since October 1995.

In April, this one. had risen 4.4% And already more than half of the goods that make up the shopping cart make up above 4%.

The data has been upgraded by INE this Monday and should be confirmed in mid-June too much negative compared this month by economists such as the Savings Bank Foundation (Funkas), who predicted an increase in The CPI for core inflation is 7.6% and 4.6%.

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