Iranian Karma again alerts Argentina with mysterious plane arriving from Venezuela


Argentine authorities have immobilized a Venezuelan plane on suspicion that the crew has links to the Iranian Quds Force, a terrorist organization the United States says.

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The plane of the Venezuelan company Emtrasur in Córdoba, Argentina on June 6.Sebastine BorceroAFP
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In Argentina it is enough to say “ernaTo go on alert. It happens these days with a mysterious Boeing 747 that has arrived in Buenos Aires from Caracas, after a stopover in Ciudad del Este, the Paraguayan city formerly known as Puerto Stroesenor. Triple Frontier is located on Ciudad del Este. Symbol of smuggling, drug trafficking and criminality in South America.

Boeing is not just any Boeing, it’s a machine Venezuelan company Emtrasur. Of Which till six months ago belonged to Iran Mahan Air. Its crew members are legally prohibited from leaving Argentina. Uruguay has denied the aircraft entry into its airspace and none of the gas stations on either side of the Rio de la Plata have allowed it to refuel for fear of US sanctions. The case is disturbing: for everything that is not known and for which one knows Argentines.

Iran is represented by the Argentine justice system as the author of Attack in which 85 people were killed at AMIA in 1994, Israeli mutual of Buenos Aires. One story is never solved and has gotten more complicated over the years. a story that includes The mysterious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman in 2015Joe was investigating the case and was about to explain his complaint against then-President Christina Kirchner to Congress, which he described as a “hideout” for the perpetrators of the genocide.

Argentine justice determined that Nisman was a murder, but half the country believes he committed suicide. It’s like this: in Argentina everything related to Iran is fodder for conspiracy theories. But the case of the plane stranded at Eziza International Airport since 6 June is a serious issue, columnist Hector Gambini explained this Tuesday in Klarn: “It’s not the cargo, but its crew. It’s not the plane, but theirs.” The Iranian-Venezuela plane triggered all the alarms of the intelligence services, although the Argentines had delay,

“The Ametrasur ship left Caracas, passed through Paraguay and was diverted due to the fog in Eziza to Cordoba, where it arrived a few hours later with a load of spare parts for the car seats and … 19 crew. too many people for cargo plane,

Boeing stinks. It was transporting auto parts to the Volkswagen Argentina factory, but the company has said it had nothing to do with that shipment. The reality is different, with a series of subcontracting ending when the Ghost Plane landed in Buenos Aires. Neither Renault, nor the sub-contracted Forcia, the auto parts supplier, nor the logistics company Frech contracted the flight: an American company took care of it.

Auto parts were delivered, logistics chain sources confirmed to EL Mundo, but doubts, logically, do not go that way: before arriving in Buenos Aires, the plane spent two days in Ciudad del Este, where it Cigarettes loaded, for a value of $800,000, from the firm Tabacalera del Este, owned by former Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes. The crew of the plane circled Paraguay without any sort of control for about 48 hours.

“So the unanswered question is, what happened during that weekend. Did they just wait and relax in their hotel rooms? Did they walk around town? Did they meet anyone at the Triple Frontier? Did they know the information or Received or delivered the goods?”, told analyst Hugo Alconada Mone at ‘La Nacine’.

As the plane reached Buenos Aires, Nicolas Maduro was visiting Irna.. .. Paraguayan Interior Minister Federico González has indicated that the aircraft is “sanctioned by the US Treasury Department” and that “The crew members are members of the Quds Forces, the revolutionary forces of Iran”, which Washington has as part of its list of terrorist organizations. Paraguay claimed it was discovered after the plane left the country, while Argentine Security Minister Ambal Fernandez denied the earlier warnings.

Iranians and Venezuelans have gone and gone shopping In the suburbs of Buenos Aires in recent days without any problems, before the scandal escalated and justice was interfered with. And within the riddle, another riddle: The captain of the plane is Iranian Gholamreza Ghasemi, and the Argentine justice seeks to determine whether he is a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard or a similar name. If Ghasemi is Ghasemi, the case escalates: what Israeli intelligence reports link him Arms smuggling and the war in Syria,

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