Irene Monteiro celebrates Mara Sevilla’s pardon as “another new victory for feminists”


The opposition charges against this “ideological” pardon, comparing it to the pardons of Juana Rivas and ‘Prox’ and goes on to demand an explanation from Sánchez.

Irene Monteiro, this is my
Irene Monteiro, in Congress this Wednesday.EFE
  • Mara Sevilla The government pardons the president of Infancia Libre, although he has not repented of his son’s abduction.

Partial pardon of the President of the Association Infncia Libre, Mara Sevilla, has the approval and agreement of the Ministry of Equality, as with the one carried out on Juana Rivas last November. Irene Monteiro this Wednesday granted a clemency to Seville despite the government not repenting on the date of her son’s abduction.

“We give them a partial clemency, and I think it’s another victory for feminists,” said the equality minister, who believes the coalition government formed by PSOE and United maintains “debt” with “protective mothers”. can. , who attempt to “defend” themselves and their children against the “sexual violence of abusers”.

Seville’s pardon, two-and-a-half years in prison and four years for loss of parental authorityThe separation of her son from the father between 2017 and 2019 is a “legacy of the feminist movement”, defined by number two Podemos, who believe “justice” has been done this Wednesday. These cases, in the eyes of the head of equality, are engines for deepening public policies that “guarantees that abusers cannot murder their sons and daughters” or “violate” the rights of mothers.

While the Ministry of Equality has “an outstretched hand” with Seville and other mothers, such as Juana Rivaso, mara salmon hey Irune Costumero -which Monteiro reminded this Wednesday – the opposition rejected the decision and prepared to ask for an explanation Pedro Sanchez And his council of ministers after executing what he considers an “ideological pardon”, similar to the one granted with Rivas late last year.

On behalf of the Popular Party, the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Minister of Justice and the Interior, Enrique LopezThe U.S. acknowledged this Wednesday that the coalition government is using the for-profit pardon mechanism as a “party instrument” in the same way it used pardons for “coup” leaders process To maintain our relations with our key partners in Congress,

Similarly they are represented by orange lines. edmando sandCitizens’ parliamentary spokesman defined the decision adopted by the executive as “very serious”, and added that their formation would seek clarification from Sanchez on the matter.

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