Irene Monteiro sacks her chief of staff after conflict between Podemos and IU in Andalusia

Relief in Equality Ministry


Council of Ministers followed by Equality Minister, Irene Monteiro.
Council of Ministers followed by Equality Minister, Irene Monteiro.ZippyEFE

Irene Monteiro has fired Amanda Meyer as its chief of staff at the Equality Ministry. The dismissal is the result of the deterioration of relations between the two following the confrontation and tension between Podemos and Izquierda Unida during the creation of the joint candidacy in Andalusia.

Yolanda Díaz lost that pulse by Podemos because of the decisive support given to IU, so that Inama would be a candidate for the board of Nieto. Management of those negotiations soured relations between Monteiro, number two of Podemos, and Mayer, who is a member of the IU and PCE.

Equality Ministry sources have confirmed the change announced by La Vanguardia and prepared it within “normality”. These sources say, “After Congress approved the Sexual Freedom Act, it is a change of phase in terms of cabinet leadership in the last one-and-a-half years.”

Podemos and IU have been reluctant because the process of creating a joint candidacy in Andalusia proved to be a failure. Podemos was taken off the lists after a technical error blamed IU at the time the brand was registered minutes before the deadline.

Despite the fact that the ruling could be resolved to include the independents as independents, friction within the coalition has not subsided since then and echoes already reach the government structure of United We Can.

The internal war is also conditioned by the pulse of the parties that make up the Purple Group before the future project, which the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, plans to lead, and of whom hardly any details are known. Despite the fact that Podemos claims an essential role in Dazs’ plans, the Minister of Labor has also advocated mainstreaming his platform and transcending political brands, an idea that has led to the party led by Ioan Bellara. does not refuse.

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