Irene Monteiro warns PSOE that her amendment on prostitution “endangers” the law of ‘only yes’


The Socialists would win the vote thanks to the PP but other allies warned they would withdraw their support for the project.

Equality Minister, Irene Monteiro, yesterday, at a news conference.
Equality Minister, Irene Monteiro, yesterday, at a news conference.Borja Puig de la Belcasamoncloa
  • Equality New ‘war’ coming between PSOE and Podemos: ‘only if yes’ law clashes with prostitution

Irene Montero has admitted that she is “quite worried” because of what is known as The only rule of s is s Decisive to move forward in Congress runs the “risk” of losing support. Equality Minister shifts pressure so that doesn’t happen with PSOE and demands its withdrawal on the edge An amendment that is voted on in committee this Wednesday because it threatens the government’s other parliamentary partners’ support for the bill.

“We’re going to talk to PSOE, on which depends the likelihood that this law is not under threat,” Monteiro said. In case of decline, a dispute would open up between PSOE and two partners of the government, United We Can.

The reason for the controversy is the ongoing debate about prostitution. The original parity bill recovered for the Penal Code is a third-place offense, which means that those who rent immovable property, flats or premises to people practicing prostitution are punished with a prison sentence, even if it does not apply to those people. be fully agreed upon. , because he understands that they benefit financially from “exploitation”.

This led to a cataract of the amendments. On the one hand, it contains the disapproval of ERC, PNV, EH Buildu, Ciudadanos or Ms Pas, among other parties, who called for the abolition of these two articles.

There is PSOE, on the other hand, which claims to be “more demanding” and proposes a text with more “ambition”, as it believes that the third place is a form of “pimping”. His amendment affects being more forceful in the pursuit of acquisition of spaces to practice prostitution. Improves the wording of equality to focus on “gain” and not on “exploitation” and tightens prison sentence.

At this point, and the legislation to send it to the plenary, ahead of a pivotal meeting of the Equality Commission that ends this Wednesday, PSOE has the PP’s support so that its amendment goes ahead. That would mean it would be included in the opinion of the law and would be part of the final text which will be voted on in full next week.

Allies of the government are shifting to the Ministry of Equality that they will not support that law if it eventually sticks with the PSOE amendment and will need to reach at least 176 votes in favor of a full vote, as it is an organic law. , accounts indicate that only yes bill is yes, all ballots are not adding enough. At least, if there is no turn of events. Because in this case PP will stay away.

Parity has been trying to find a settlement for months but in the end all efforts have come crashing down in PSOE’s refusal to roll back its amendment. The latest proposal has been to eliminate the third location of the project outright and transfer it to the smuggling law. This is again rejected by PSOE but from the ministry, as expressed by Monteiro, they were going to try to convince them before the commission started.

Socialist sources assured on Wednesday that their amendment would be upheld till the end and that they would not “lose opportunities” to go against prostitution. Furthermore, he pointed out that the responsibility of what happens to the law lies not with those who voted for it, but on the parties that stand to vote against it.

In announcements to Congress, Irene Monteiro acknowledged that she was “quite concerned” and told PSOE “who is it on whom the chances of reaching agreement depend”, taking the discussion to trafficking law and seeking broad consensus. To save that which is present within the Congress with full ideals.

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