Is it good to take a cold water bath? Benefits for body and mind (and some ‘but’)

In addition to daily cleaning in my house, it is said that Shower always gives you what you need: In the morning it wakes you up and energizes you to face the day. At night it relaxes you and throws ‘out’ everything that is capable of stressing us out.

It is also said about the bath that it is a moment of reflection, the turning point, whatever it is called Momento Eureka, For Archimedes, where inspiration is at its widest. For this phenomenon, which has a lot to do with the shower, even the experts have given it a name, ‘Tree B’ (three bases), which respond to the English words ‘bed’ (bed), ‘snan’ (bath) and ‘bus’ (bus). It turns out that all three of these scenarios are the key to unlocking creativity. Now I explain to myself why I always miss A notepad under the shower…

If we put aside the creative benefits of the shower, now even more Heat, Another great question arises, many times without controversy, that surrounds this act of daily hygiene: Is it good to take a cold water bath?

Cold showers: yes or no?

Let’s start from the beginning. A typical, perfect, manual shower has its own requirements.

“It should not last more than seven or eight minutes It is enough to moisten the skin, lather it and wash off. Abuse of bathing or showering for too long can dry out the skin,” says Dr. Mayte Trucchuello, a dermatologist. Goat (Spanish Group of Aesthetic and Therapeutic Dermatology) AEDV.

Stopwatch in hand, comes the second million dollar question: At what temperature should you take a bath? “The water temperature should always be at bay. It shouldn’t be Neither too hot nor too cold. Ideal it’s hot, Because excessive heat erodes the skin barrier,” stresses Trucchuello.

And, now that summer is dangerously close and promises not to leave us for months, with a cold shower seems like a very tempting idea, Is cold water recommended? to skin?

The direct consequence of cold water on the skin is that it induces vasoconstriction of the dermal vessels (which become clogged), which can be Some positive aspects.

But if we talk about extreme temperatures, “they can produce a local inflammation With the release of inflammatory molecules that may be involved in itching, dermatitis …”, warns the doctor. “Cold temperature is a physiological stimulus that must be handled with care, as it acts as an irritant. can act in the skin, especially on sensitive skin,” she says. atopic dermatitis etc. In these cases, always You have to avoid them.

Therefore, 37 degrees According to Truchuello, that would be neither hot nor cold Perfect for a shower.

What are the benefits of cold bath?

However, when it comes to cold showers, not everything is black and white. That they can sensitize already delicate skin is a fact dermatologists defend and argue, but beyond that, there are some benefits for the creature.

Because winter, as the beautician maintains Carmen Navarro, “Activates blood circulation, combats the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins, is fantastic for improving the sensation of Exhaustion And tired feet… of course, as long as we know how to do these cold showers properly and they never run out of time”.

On the other hand, at the muscular level, Cold water’s regenerative properties manage repair, making an impact immediate rest.And the difference between cold and hot water helps us to heal muscles and improve the healing of injuries. And that’s where acquaintances come in “Opposite rain, Which starts with hot water (with relax function) and ends with cold water, which keeps us awake and active Navarro insists.

Beauticians also point out that the body reacts to the effects of cold releasing endorphins. “Scientifically it is known that as soon as cold water comes in contact with our skin, it wakes up an infinite number of signals and our brain activates a kind of alarm system by secreting it. dopamine and norepinephrine Carmen Navarro continues.

There is much more, according to the expert: cold water applied to the body forces the body to generate heat to cope with the effects of the cold, accelerating the metabolism and therefore increasing energy consumption (so something that also happens in treatment) with cryotherapy). Metabolism is increased to be consumed or burned which is called . is referred to as brown fat that our body accumulates to maintain the most adequate body temperature.

A good cold shower: when and how

If we decide to have a nice cold shower, what should be its characteristics?

enough to take short showers 30 seconds at 15 degrees. “Studies in this regard ensure that this time and this temperature is sufficient. Better effects are not achieved by staying longer or lowering the degree,” says Carmen Navarro.

When is it solved, how is it your turn? Because of the above effect on muscles, they are ideal after playing sports. as for hours, in the morning A cold shower helps us to wake up at the level of muscles and brain, while In the evening We regulate body temperature and this prompts us to relax, although in these cases it is usually more pleasant to bathe at a traditional temperature, says Navarro.

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