Is Russia winning the war in the Donbass?


Putin’s forces dominate Ukraine’s resistance in the Donbass. In the past week Russian troops have advanced more than in the rest of May and are attacking with artillery, taking a toll on the morale of Zelensky’s troops.

Ukrainian soldiers examine a body in the Luhansk region.
Ukrainian soldiers examine a body in the Luhansk region.Anatoly StepanovAFP
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second stage of war in ukraine is coming to an end and Putin’s army is imposing itself on the resistance. Russian troops have made more progress in the past week than in the rest of May, however, according to the Institute for the Studying the war, progress has remained slow, limited to targets that are smaller than those imposed by the Kremlin and obstructed by Ukrainian troops.

That the fighting had changed can also be inferred from statements made by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and his government, which in the past week acknowledged the difficulties faced by the country’s east: “We are losing between 50 and 100 men in a day“The country’s leader said. This figure is “huge,” explains analyst Michael Kaufman. And, in addition, Zelensky confirmed that on May 16, four Russian missiles struck a military training center in Desna in Chernihiv province, killing 87 people. It was a targeted attack, as happened in Yvoryev on March 13, and the bloodiest since Putin’s “special” military operation in Ukraine began.

Until now, Kyiv – which claims to have killed about 30,000 Russians, a number probably exorbitant – had leaked little information about casualties in the Ukrainian resistance. But the latest government statements indirectly confirm that Ukrainians are victims fight wear, To the point that they are now considering bringing reinforcements to the east of the country to prevent further advance by the Russians. Kyiv may later cede the area with the hope of reclaiming it, but the Russian army has reduced its objectives, corrected its plans and is no longer considering encircling resistance, but rather small Is looking for objectives that can help it move forward in areas. Donetsk and Lugansk.

Ukrainian defense is “collapsed”

The authorities of the self-proclaimed people’s republics assured that the pro-Russian army, along with the Moscow army, had ended with Ukrainian security. “Ukrainian Defense” collapsing, There is an active attack on the zolot. Peacekeepers are moving towards Maloryazhantsevo, Volcheyrovka, ”said Rodion Miroshnik, Ambassador of the Republic of Lugansk to Russia.

As he explained, “part of the strategic Lysichansk-Artemovsk highway is under the total control of the Allied forces” which led to ” Almost complete impossibility of supplying Ukrainian troops in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk”. For his part, Franz-Stephen Gadi of the International Institute for Strategic Studies confirms that the road from Bakhmut to Lisichansk, two kilometers north of Soledar, could complicate Russian logistics and Can supply ukrainian.region.

“Russian troops have already come very close to Severodnetsk, so they can even fire mortars,” acknowledged the head of the Lugansk Regional Military Administration, Sergei Gaidai. “The city is being bombed continuously for 24 hours. Heavy fighting is taking place on the outskirts, while the bombers launch missiles, the situation is very difficult,” he says.

In the fighting near Severodnetsk, the Ukrainian army eliminated police captain Asvad Idrisov, officer Gapur Dkalov and the deputy commander of the 4th platoon of the Kadyrov regiment, First Sergeant Ali Betyshev, thus reducing the Chechen presence on the battlefield. , However, the participation of veterans of the Russian security company Wagner is also relevant.

importance of army morale

war in ukraine has affirmed “what soldiers have known for centuries”, the ‘Kyiv Post’ recalls: that the morale of soldiers is more important than any weapon or military doctrine, as it brings with it inspiration, confidence, courage, cohesion, Brings a sense control. on his own fate. Discussion going on for 90 days low morale of russian soldiers, That Putin’s troops do not obey orders or sabotage their own means, but the continued pounding of Russian artillery – together with the latest news coming from the battlefield – may now Negative impact on the psychological level among Ukrainian resistance.

Artillery is often unable to destroy bunkers, as some grenades are designed to detonate on the surface and thus enhance the effect of shrapnel, but this weakens the morale of soldiers: they cannot move from cover. They may suffer psychological trauma, they fear that everything will collapse or they think debris may block the entrance to the bunker, says Lorenzo Nanetti, an analyst at Café Geopolitical. Thus, the continuous blow causes a progressive outfit, With frequent and repeated attacks. This stops the soldiers who are given shelter as well as prevents the arrival of reinforcements.

The Russian military also has better logistics, thanks to the use of a well-branched rail network and Ukrainians have a harder time responding as adversary’s targets are further away and have to locate them with radar. These teams, provided by NATO, exist, but are not sufficient to meet current needs.

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