Isidro, the saint bound to his land


This May 15th begins the jubilee year which celebrates the 400th anniversary of the demilitarization of Isidro El Labrador. Ecologist, expatriate … is the first married layman with children to be raised on the altars after the Reformation of the Council of Trent, patron saint of Madrid and farmers, to guarantee that he deserves that respect

San Isidro Labrador, oil painting by Juan de Van der Hammen at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin.
San Isidro Labrador, oil painting by Juan de Van der Hammen at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin.
  • “It’s getting late. It’s not that I’m in a hurry. I’m in no hurry. Ears of wheat no longer wait for my embrace in summer, nor do grains remember me in winter, When the mill spins. More laps. It’s late. For someone my age it’s always sunset. Maybe today is the last time. As the day goes on, I sometimes wish my memory failed Jae: How much exaggeration I don’t have to remember to hear about myself. That if I’m a saint, that if I work miracles, that if angels do my work while I pray… I’m Isidro, only Isidro. God’s servant, the youngest. One who has learned in the Holy Scriptures to knead the earth so that it may bear fruit, as my Lord has done many times. I am Isidro, the man who loves the land he plows, who caresses the water that suddenly flows from a spring in the meadow, who looks into the eyes of his oxen and explains himself. Now there is no more a muezzin calling from the minaret for the evening prayer. has gone. But after listening to him, I started becoming Isidro…».

The last heartbeat of the eleventh century when Isidro saw the light for the first time One in Madrid that was Marietta at the time, an enclave of the Muslim al-Andalus belonging to the prosperous Taifa of Toledo. Their family is Mozarabic, they are Christians who maintain their faith by living in the Arab region in exchange for paying taxes and accepting low social status. The soundtrack of Isidro’s early years, then, was five calls to prayer, beginning a break from the work to raise one’s eyes to Allah. The creaking of the earth beneath that and the spade and teams, Because after the agreement between King Alfonso VI and the Muslim sovereign Yahya ibn Ismail ibn Yahya al-Qadir bi-l-Lah, the Islamic Mayrit became Christian Madrid, which needed families access to the gardens of the city’s lords. Which Alfonso VI was rewarded with land for his help in taking Toledo. This is, according to all sources, the case of Isidro, whose parents put themselves in the service of the family of Juan de Vargas, among others, in the midst of the Reconquest. these are the times when History and legend merge In a solid embrace that barely allows you to separate one from the other. Trying to find accurate information about the life of Madrid’s patron saint is, most of the time, a sterile task. However, in the case of Isidro, although it is clear that oral tradition and various writings elevate his figure with noble intentions, but without historical norms, few but extremely valuable biographical notes have been collected. Alfonso X. Medieval codex written by order of, a true material for reconstruction, albeit clumsily, the only pilgrimage of a previously married layman with the demanding pontifical protocol imposed by the Council of Trent. Before the settled instructions, the ascent to the altars could have been done in less formal, more arbitrary ways, with the spurious intention of being a saint that would benefit financially. However, Isidro’s canonization had to pass the recently established examinations, after which Gregory XV canonized him as a saint of the Universal Church. A humble saint, forever bound by his land.

The corrupt body of San Isidro.
The corrupt body of San Isidro.
  • “Nothing is easy if you are poor, until the ground on which you walk is not good enough for you. That was my case, but even Sister Earth was told by Ali ibn Yusuf’s hosts. trembling in attempts to capture Madrid and Toledo, those who resisted them to the end. Me and peace-lovers like me, who knew and respected Islam, then became pilgrims, migrants in search of peace We were expatriates. And so we arrived in Torrelaguna. And there I met her. Mary. Mary Toribia. Mary Maria, from whom Ilan was born. Nothing brings more joy to a parent’s heart than raising a good son We have. ‘You’re a saint from next door,’ I often say to Ilan. You’re like a crowd of sincere hearted people who won’t go down in history’. The vulva was lost when he fell into the well, Maria and I knew that God had laid his eyes on our little boy…».

Taking risks beyond what is contained in the medieval code on the life of Isidro, Tradition gives him a wife and a son, María de la Cabeza and Ilan (Juan)., This is one of the unusual events, presented as a miracle, depicting the faith of the saint and his experience of intimacy with God. Thus, the credit for the salvation of the son who fell in the well goes to the hopeless prayer of his parents, thus value of prayer, The same happens with the so-called miracles of the oxen and the wolf. In the first, a yoke of white oxen is shown plowing the land with those the master had assigned to the patron saint, thus increasing productivity and allowing Isidro to devote a large part of the day to prayer. Permission granted. Furthermore, for this purpose of catechus on the importance of entering into a relationship with God, a rumor is spread that, having been alerted by some children that his donkey was being torn apart by a wolf, he was praying. Tha, Isidro continues in prayer and later finds out the man is dead. Heals the wolf and his mount. with the same Interested in instructing on the honest experience of the faith of Saint Isidro, the belief is spread that the grain that the saint gives to pigeons nearly dead by the winter cold is not harvested from their sack, which reaches the mill in full, despite the generous act of Madrid’s most eccentric resident. This dealing with nature, with which Isidro converses as a gift from God and the object of His care, is well interpreted by Pope Francis as anticipation of the most current theological currents claimed in the encyclopedia. May go. laudato siAbout caring for the planet, our shared home. Madrid can claim to have an advanced environmentalist as its patronProtector of all forms of life. Two other miracles complete Isidro’s religious outline. This time related to charity the poorest and the weakest, Thus, both in their household and in their fraternity, the contents of the pots are always there when it comes to feeding the homeless.

This early mosaic of miracles, to which history would later add several other incidents of more dubious intent, serves to underline the personality, especially the inwardness, of the saint who loved the earth, who felt bound to it. used to do. Earth as a common place in which life develops and seeks a meaning that a . reaches beyond who is beyond right now In which the life of a large section of the people of Madrid, on which he exercises his patronage, comes to the fore. Are your Marvel children’s comics? Instead, they are the scalpels that make it possible to bring out the light that Isidro de Madrid, the farmer of the land, carries in.

Pilgrimage to San Isidro.
Pilgrimage to San Isidro.EFE
  • «I can’t remember if I already said it was getting late. In the end it will be true that I am losing some memory. I know it’s late. Maria … Mary Maria and I have not seen each other for a long time. Not because we lack love, but to dedicate ourselves better to following the Guru’s orders and contemplating God and praying for men. I have lived too long, 90 years is a long time for those who are bound to the earth, tilling it, tilling it, hoping to see how it bears fruit. Now, when the night is near, I can say that I am done. My desire confirms how my life has been, my desire is to receive the body of Christ on my bed when death looks me in the eye. I ask God for the strength to beat my chest as a sign of a request for forgiveness, and to make the sign of the cross at the last moment on this fragile body, which has asked for nothing more than to be faithful to the earth. The same land to which I give my body, so that it may be mixed with the soil».

Saint Isidro Labrador died with a reputation for being a saint. His remains were buried in the tomb without any reference who lived in it, in the cemetery of San Andres. His body remains corrupt.

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