Israel blocks entry of head of EU delegation into Palestine


Manu Pineda announced the cancellation of the delegation’s visit this Monday, the first since the pandemic and the Gaza war.

Manu Pineda
Manu Pineda, head of the EU Delegation to Palestine.IU

Israel The President of the country has been barred from entering Delegation to EU-Palestinian Relations, Manu Pinedawho announced the suspension of the mission that he was going to lead this Monday to assess the current situation of the Palestinians.

In a message posted to his Twitter account, Pineda, a MEP for United Left, The rejection statement given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel is presented.

In this the ministry indicates that, according to “information received from the competent authorities in Israel”, the ministry has decided not to “approved the arrival” of Pineda in the country, without giving further details.

Pineda then explained that “the mission planned to meet with the Palestinian authorities and civil society, to look at the consequences of the occupation on the daily lives of the Palestinian population on the territory, as well as the effects of policies of cooperation. ui,

“The blockade of the work of the European Parliament”

your party, United Leftspecified that the delegation’s visit was “organized for the first time since the pandemic and war”. Gaza“since last year.

group was going to visit Jerusalem, Ramal, Hebrny, rolling pin, nebulous And this Gaza StripAnd a meeting with press organizations was also scheduled to understand the state of the media after the death of the Palestinian-American journalist. Shiran abuses Akaliof series al yazeeraIn one incident under investigation and the Palestinian authorities and the media themselves have been blamed for shots fired by the Israeli military.

However, MEPs indicated that, with the ban on their entry, “the mission has been cancelled”, before accusing Israel of “blocking the work”. European Parliament,

“I have already denied us access Gaza And now it is increasing tensions on relations with Palestine by preventing the delegation’s chair from entering the entire region”, he concluded.

In one of the first reactions to the refusal, the chairman of European Parliament, Roberta MetsolaRegrets Israel’s decision. “Raise this issue directly with the competent authorities. Good relations require the respect of MEPs and the European Parliament,” he said.

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