Israeli fire kills 17-year-old Palestinian in Geno raid


The death occurred in an armed conflict between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militiamen.

The father of the young man said goodbye to the son’s body.AFP

A 17-year-old Palestinian teenager has been identified as amjad al afayedwas killed by Israeli fire during an army raid in the area of yenniin Western coast Captured, confirmed the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The deaths occurred in armed clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militiamen, clashes that have become common in recent weeks as Israeli officials have intensified “anti-terrorist operations” across the West Bank, and in particular. yenni,

as well Another youth seriously injured 18-year-old Palestinian, according to the Palestinian Ministry.

After his death the Israeli military clarified that opened fire in response to attacks with Molotov cocktailsExplosives and shots from armed Palestinians during the operation.

“During an army operation near last night donate coffeeSeveral suspects threw Molotov cocktails, explosives at our forces and fired from a vehicle. Soldiers fired at the suspects and a hit was detected. no israeli casualties“, he said in a statement.

area of yenni One of the hot spots during the current is wave of violence In the region, many of the six attacks that Israel has suffered since late March, carried out by Palestinians or Arab-Israelis, come from and that 18 left dead,

The military has intensified its raids in the Zain area since the “Break the Wave” operation began on March 31, in which more than 400 captives and dozens of Palestinians were killed in the conflict, although some were unarmed civilians such as journalist Shirin Abu Akleh. , who had been hit by a bullet ten days earlier while covering one of those operations.

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