“It is appropriate that monkeypox vaccines be for confirmed cases and contacts with high-risk profiles”

Ames García, President of the Spanish Association of Vaccinology.


He considers it appropriate to ask the central government to procure these vaccinations, which will be of “post-exposure” character, not preventive.

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Microscopic image of a specimen of monkeypox associated with the 2003 prairie dog outbreak.CDC

Ames García, president of the Spanish Association of Vaccinology (AEV), sees “appropriate” Vaccination against monkeypox occurs in people who have close contact with a positive case and above all, that they present some In the case of “high risk” profiles or “health professionals” Those who have treated confirmed cases and were not protected from an EPI. Garca does not believe that it “understands” to administer a single dose in a general manner to the population.

Furthermore, the president of AEV believes that requests from the central government for the purchase of vaccines, such as the one made this week by the Andalusian government, are “justified” in the context of “post-exposure”. “Logically this is not a vaccine that would have a preventive nature, but a post-exposure vaccine in people who have already been in contact with confirmed cases and, above all, those at high risk.” Information Europa Press,

Ames has stressed that “as the current outbreak” is developing in Europe, “the majority of cases are mild, but given the possibility that some of them progress to an undeservedly serious condition, it is logical that Those with at least a high-risk profile and those who have been in contact are vaccinated within four days of exposure to the case, or as long as possible after 14 days.

Similarly, he stated that People who were vaccinated against smallpox until the 1980s, which stopped being administered because it was considered an eradicable disease, have between 80 and 85% protection. Against this version, which he defined as a “minor first cousin” of the original. In addition, it has denied that this form of vaccination can be withdrawn, given that the vaccines now available are administered subcutaneously.

In any case, he insisted that It “makes no sense” to vaccinate the entire population. “This may make sense in people who have had close contact with confirmed cases and especially in those who have a significant risk profile, or for example, healthcare workers who have treated confirmed cases.” and were not protected by PPE,” he explained. ,

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On the other hand, the Junta de Extremadura has announced thatHe tested a clinical sample sent to the National Center for Microbiology in a suspected case of monkeypox in a patient from Extremadura, which turned out to be negative.

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