Italian police deal heavy blow to Colombian Gulf clan and seize 4.3 tons of cocaine


Agents have seized 1.85 million euros in cash

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Italian police have confiscated 4.3 tons of cocaine with street price of €240 millionHuge blow to Colombian drug gang Gulf ClanAs reported by the researchers.

Police have said it was one of the largest seizures of its kind in Europe and came at the end of a international investigation This led to the issue of arrest warrants against 38 people in six countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Colombia.

The investigation has lasted more than a year and has been attended by both the Colombian justice system and the national security of the United States. In addition to cocaine, the police have recovered €1.85 million in cash.

Colombian authorities said last November that they were focused on eliminating the Clan del Golfo gang, whose Net spread for 28 dice after the world Group leader captured in OctoberDiaro Antonio Usuga, aka “Autumn”

“Another heavy blow to the most important group among Colombian drug gangs,” Italian investigators from the northeastern city Trieste about seizure.

According to the researchers, their work has revealed a “dense network” of relationships between the two South American cocaine producers and European buyerswhich responds to organized crime groups operating throughout Italy, including Calabria, whose cradlenandrangheta,

Police have followed 19 consecutive drug deliveries since May last year, which has allowed them to identify “significant middlemen” and “considerable numbers” of carriers in the world drug trafficking system.

More details are expected to be given in the press conference.

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