Italy practiced its first assisted suicide on a 44-year-old man who was 12. was quadrilateral for


The medically assisted suicide procedure is performed under medical supervision, but it is the patient who has pressed an infusion pump with his sole finger to inject the lethal drug into his arteries.

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  • profile A 43-year-old quadriplegic, the first authorized assisted suicide in Italy

Italy he practiced this thursday his first assisted suicide For a 44 year old man wearing 12 paralyzed After being the victim of a car accident, he received authorization from the Italian Constitutional Court last November.

‘Mario’ – the pseudonym of the quadriplegic that the Italian media uses to refer to the case – died at his home this Thursday morning after administration a lethal injectionIt thus became the first Italian in the country to have access to assisted suicide, as reported by the Luca Coscioni Association, an organization defending the legalization of euthanasia.

Medically assisted suicide procedure has been carried out under medical supervision Dr. Mario Riccio, though it was ‘Mario’ himself, who pressed an infusion pump with his sole finger, injecting the deadly drug into his arteries.

“I don’t deny that I regret saying goodbye to life, it would be a lie and a lie if I said otherwise because life is wonderful and we only have one. But unfortunately it was so. Have tried everything possible. Try to recover as much as possible and as much as possible.” my disability, but now I am mentally and physically exhausted”, ‘Mario’ himself elaborated in a letter he shared before his death and which was conveyed by the Luca Coscioni Association.

“I have no minimum autonomy in daily life, I am at the mercy of events, I depend on others for everything, I am like a ship sailing in the sea, (…) With the Luca Coscioni association we defended ourselves by attacking and we attacked by defending ourselves, we have created a piece of jurisprudence and history in our country and I feel proud and honored to be by your side. Now I am finally free to fly wherever I want.”

People still wanted to die of assisted suicide in Italy they had to go to switzerland, where yes is allowed. In addition, the Vatican and right-wing parties have strongly opposed any form of euthanasia legislation during the past decades.

Despite such pressure, in 2021, 1.2 million Italians signed a petition to force a referendum in favor of euthanasia, although this was ultimately not done as the Italian Constitutional Court declared that It was the lower house that should move such a motion. law.

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