It’s Elsa Pataky’s Strength Training for the Movie ‘Interceptor’ That Beats Netflix


The Spanish actress sculpted her figure with the help of a personal trainer Application fitness Center by Chris Hemsworth. His partner has just sold the platform to the brother of the owner of Amazon.

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Elsa Pataky is the last remaining officer at the remote missile defense base in ‘Interceptor’. The Netflix film confronts terrorists determined to launch 16 nuclear weapons against the United States.Brooke Rushton/Netflix
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Elsa Pataky (Madrid, July 18, 1976) reveals that she is best possible fitness model To promote your husband’s app, Chris Hemsworth,

To gain muscle for the film of interceptor Enter with @centrfit. Now you can see my training and make your best version“, encourages the actress on her Instagram profile, who used strength especially for her lead role in the Netflix film, where she confronts terrorists determined to launch 16 nuclear weapons against the United States. It’s Matthew Reilly’s First Film, and Has Widespread Thoughts: The Stage Shows It’s Already over 50 million hours, And went straight to No.

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Actress Elsa Pataky is toning her body for her next film.Instagram @elsapatakyconfidential

Thus, the fittest couple on celluloid shares their training routines on this platform, Success in download and very well valued by users. not in vain, “Chris Hemsworth Workout”, Returns over 30 million searches on Google.

precisely, australian actor just sold Center by Chris Hemsworth Mark Bezos, brother of the Amazon founder, for around 180 million euros, as he himself published on his social media profile: “Delighted to work with Mark Bezos, David Moros and the entire High Post team.”

“For all Marvel roles, we started out like three months ago. Approx. We do a training camp“, recalled his personal trainer, Luc Zocchi, when a great interest in confinement had arisen. applications, Perhaps because people want to look like them regardless of the genetic component, dedication in terms of time and effort, diet and the lifestyle that they both lead.

body of a heroine

for his leading role in interceptor, Pataki” focuses his toning training on the shoulder and pectoral girdle: proximal segment of the upper limb”, explains Scar Peirce, official coach of Les Mills in Spain and owner of Smart-Club and Studio1 Sports Center.

This professional confirms that this sequence of exercises is great for people who think their shoulders are not marked enough or that their skin is hanging from their arms. “There are many pulling and pushing movements Which help in a good postural correction. In addition, it includes incline isometric exercises on the bench, which strengthen the entire posterior chain, which is tense but attacks the triceps and chest at the same time. The truth is, you can see that Elsa is a lot stronger than she exercises on machines, because not everyone does dips on parallel bars,” Peir says.

strength burns more than cardio

for one minor overgrowths, such as the one the actress worked on, A strength-resistance training regimen is designed with low weights, little rest and many repetitions. Exactly what many women ask for, indicates the instructor. “Multi-articular exercises are necessary to attack more muscles at the same time and achieve more fatigue.”

Peer argues that this work Essential for the musculoskeletal system, when it comes to gaining muscle and preventing injuries. “Many times we think that doing cardio will make us lose more weight. This is a misconception, because Strengthening will improve the quality of our muscles And the caloric expenditure during the day will be high. He gives an example: With the same weight, a person with more muscle doing the same job will burn more. “Sometimes we stay thin without good muscles and that’s not healthy”.

Why train (or not) like Pataki?

And since the actress herself encourages training like herself in this short video that shows off her routine, we asked coach Alejandro Timoneda, chief operating officer (COO) of CrossFit Courage, which steps to follow in gym This sounds like the classic job of a lifetime. “The training is very analytical and focuses specifically on the shoulders and traps, and some Dip where he works out the pectorals and triceps”.

  1. lateral dumbbell raises: “It works the middle deltoid, that is, the middle of our shoulders, and on a technical level, it rests on a bench to improve posture and help with good execution of the movement.”
  2. Shoulder on Pulley: “It works the whole shoulder. By generating force in the opposite direction of the movement performed by Elsa, we will be able to stimulate that posterior part as well”.
  3. rope training, “This training with ropes stimulates the deltoids, the anterior part of the shoulders. In addition, it can be done in a more intense or explosive manner, and thus we will work a metcon, increasing the efficiency of the metabolic pathways involved. “.
  4. weight plate exercise “Depending on the plane in which you do it, you may be working more on the chest or shoulders.” Lying on a bench, Timoneda continues, we work more on the pectorals and, standing, as the actress does, do more exercises on the shoulders, on the front.
  5. bar lift: “We work on the trapezius and the middle part of the deltoids.”
  6. Dip Or Parallel Fund: “They’re ideal for the triceps and pectorals. It’s a calisthenic exercise, in this case, executed with your body weight, but you can add a ballast.”
skin frame
A still from the movie ‘Interceptor’, which beats Netflix in the most-watched rankings.Brooke Rushton/Netflix

In general, this is a basic training and without major complications. “There’s nothing fancy or anything new in this. In fact, Can be done in a normal gym“, explains Timoneda.

However, the specialist would not recommend it to everyone. ,It is not best suited for someone who is just starting out trainingBecause being an analytical work, it focuses on very small and very specific muscle groups”.

Generalizing, because everyone has a professional prescription, Timoneda believes that those who begin training should focus on working the greater global musculature: “Exercises like the squat and deadliftThat they would need less weekly training.” In such a tangible way, he adds, “as Elsa focuses on the shoulders, it will involve more sessions to involve more areas of the body”.

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