It’s Ramsay Hunt Syndrome That Paralyzed Half of Justin Bieber’s Face


As explained by experts, it is a rare disease caused by the activation of a virus that persists in the body after having chickenpox.

Justin Bieber during the 2022 Met Gala
Justin Bieber during the 2022 Met GalaAFP
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The image of Justin Bieber half smile has flooded social networks. The singer has announced that he is postponing the next scheduled concerts as he is suffering from Sundrome de Ramsay Hunt: A condition that has left half of his face paralyzed. “It is a rare disease in which two factors interfere: first, that the person has had chickenpox, because the virus is confined to one ganglion, and second, it affects a nerve in the head, causing facial paralysis. Happens,” explains. Antony Plana, Coordinator of the Neurology Working Group of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SemFYC).

Canadian singer has published a video on his account instagram Where he told his condition. “I suffer from a syndrome called Ramsay Hunt, which is caused by a virus that attacks the nerve in my ear, in my face, causing facial paralysis. As you can see, this eye doesn’t blink, neither can I smile on this side of the face, nor nostrils. This part of my face is completely paralyzed,” the singer revealed, showing how the disease had taken a toll on her face.

“It’s a rare disease, so many factors must combine in order for it to manifest itself,” Plana says. Ramsay Hunt syndrome results from reactivation of varicella herpes virusSince “once overcome, the virus accumulates in our body, but it does not have to manifest itself,” explains the doctor.

In the video, Bieber confesses that he suffers from major complications. The singer has experienced a change in taste: “It’s getting harder and harder to eat, which is becoming extremely frustrating,” disclosed through his personal account.

“If the diagnosis is early, the recovery is fast”

The speedy recovery of this disease will depend on the speed of diagnosis. Unfortunately, “it’s hard to find at first,” Plana explains. “The patient manifests in consultation with symptoms similar to fatigue, lumbar pain, or renal colic”, then, A clear diagnosis cannot be made until the first lesions or vesicles appear on the skin. AAD

treatment is based on Oral corticosteroids and antivirals. “It is a slow process, with the skin lesions first disappearing and the rest of the symptoms progressively disappearing”, explains the doctor. The sooner treatment begins, the less sequelae will survive. “Skin lesions can heal faster, the worst thing is postherpetic neuralgia, that is, it affects the nerve causing pain that can last for weeks or months, extending to facial paralysis for two, six or twelve months.” It all depends on the diagnosis, the later it becomes more complicated is the recovery and even in some cases it cannot be cured”, concludes Plana.

In addition to facial paralysis, it causes other conditions such as: trouble closing eyes is found in the affected area of ​​the face, followed by dryness Since there is no natural flicker. also a severe ear pain due to infection of the auricle, in addition dry mouth Since she is practically asleep. “The sensation in the mouth is the same as that left by the dentist after anaesthesia, moreover, eye protection measures should be taken since the cornea is sore”, exemplifies the expert.

People who have had chicken pox have the virus in their body

This syndrome usually appears in people who have had chickenpox at some point. “People are more likely to have Over 60 years of age or who are immunosuppressed with low immunity, or diabetics”Expert specifies. In these situations, “the virus can remain in your cantonated body and, over time, it can reactivate causing this painful condition,” the SemFYC specialist specifies. A rare situation in which there are no established guidelines.

Experts say that can affect the rhythm of life, “Stress, overwork, experiencing a fever or being immunosuppressed are incentives,” says the doctor.

a disease that it is not contagious “Unless you’ve been exposed to vesicles in the liquid period, but that doesn’t mean you have to develop this syndrome,” Plana says. Anyway, rest is essential. The singer has canceled her tour due to the need for rest. As he commented on his social network: “Getting back to normal. It will take time, and we don’t know how long it will be, but it will be okay. I hope, and I trust in God, and I trust in him It’s all for a reason. But in the meantime, I’m going to rest.”

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