Iván Marquez’s guerrilla kills his rival, Gentil Duarte, in Venezuela


Duarte was the leader of a fragment of the FARC and wanted for terrorism, drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping and extortion.

In the jungle after the bombing of the Colombian special forces, Gentil Duarte's camp.
In the jungle after the bombing of the Colombian special forces, Gentil Duarte’s camp.health herndez-mora
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He was assassinated by his former allies in Venezuela, where surnames took refuge. Gentil Duarte, one of the most wanted criminals in Colombia, head of one of the two distinctions of FarkAccording to the information, the Colombian magazine ‘Semana’ reached the other side of the border of his native country with his passionate partner in a camp located in the state of Julia. An undetermined number of the guerrillas accompanying them may also have been killed or wounded. But it will not be easy to establish the data as the Chavista officer has always been silent in these matters.

What is known so far is that The murder may have been committed by another FARC guerrillawhich led to Ivan Mirquez and he was baptized as The New Marketalia, “Let them drive slowly” – an elite group of the said cartel entered the camp in early May, set up an explosive in Gentil Duarte’s tent and detonated it on May 4, facts that are just now coming to light.

Miguel Botache Santilana, aka Gentil Duarte, 56, joined FARC at the age of 17. He was born in Florence, Caquette, to a farmer’s household. He soon climbed the chain of command and in 1998, he was already one of the most trusted people of Manuel Marulanda, aka Tirofijo, the founder of the terrorist group. tena Nine arrest warrants for terrorism, drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping and extortionIn addition to being responsible for the recruitment of minors.

Guerrilla fighter of great fortune, with bloodthirsty professions. It owns, among other properties, farms in the former Guaviare department. ColombiaWhich he named after figureheads.

It must be remembered that the commander in chief of the assassins of Gentil Duarte Ivan Marquez, a close aide of Nicolas Maduro, was the FARC’s chief negotiator in Cuba. And the man who sealed the peace deal with Juan Manuel Santos in 2016. Gentil Duarte, then a major commander, also participated in the negotiations, but soon distanced himself and was the first to form a new FARC-EP with his partner ‘Ivan Mordisco. ‘, the real brainchild of an armed group that has enormous power in Colombia’s coca-growing regions.

Both Marquez and Gentil moved freely in Venezuela due to established ties with the Miraflores government, collaborators in drug trafficking and the exploitation of gold mines. Everything was going smoothly until two criminal gangs got involved in a bloody war for control of important areas in Colombia. Maduro Mirquez and ELN . favored, the other guerrilla that also aimed to wipe out Gentil Duarte’s FARC. Since then it has suffered heavy losses on both sides of the border.

Last February, a large group of Duarte’s guerrillas had to return to Colombia, pushed by the Venezuelan military and bombed by the Colombian armed forces, losing twenty-seven members. One of the casualties was the commander Ernesto, who was interviewed by this newspaper in Venezuela few days back.

Although he was aware of the risk of Maduro returning to the country, Gentil Duarte was forced to cross the border due to constant harassment by the Colombian police and military. He was hot on his heels for months and I thought he would be safe in the shelter given to Julia by his lieutenant aka ‘John Mekas’.

In addition to Duarte, he was also assassinated in Venezuela. Jess SentrichRoma, ‘Country’ and ‘El Loco Iván’, all the commanders in chief of Nueva Marquetalia.

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