Jan, ‘Fan Zone’: “Jose Tomes Only Competes With Himself”


The Galapagar (re)event appears this Sunday in January with four oxen, after turning the corner at the fairs of Seville and San Isidro, packed with 10,500 unconditional squares

United, Ann Nimeso
United, Ann NimesoAnders Lorio
  • Jose Tomas, Back (of everything): “You have to find new formulas in bullfighting”

Jose Tomes has not stepped into the ring in Granada since June 22, 2019. The last time was in Algeciras on June 29, 2018. In the four years he has fought those two bullfights, because in a pandemic, with low caliber and crude bullfighting, nothing was known about the Gallapagar incident. The previous (re)appearance was settled at the box office with Earthquake and In the Ring success. In the last one in Granada, he outlined a format beforehand so that the faithful could see him more and he acted with four bulls and a resonador: “Jose Tomes competes only with himself”, unconditionally. usually say. This has already prompted the teacher to loop through the loop of the formula (re)to appear next Sunday in January alone (without accent) with four oxen, From the same farm as Last Opportunity: Juan Pedro, Victoriano del Río and lvaro Nez (the novelty is that lvaro separated from the mother house, rather Cuvilo’s father).

Jetty’s heady competition with himself begins with the clock, the time it takes for tickets to sell out. tauromyosin website, La Almeida Bullring’s company, could not pull off and fell. But it was too few hours (I’m too lazy to watch it). Ticket duration and decline, both things. I think before I finish the paper in Alicante, where it will be announced on August 7. The Ghodi Nostrum website supported the demand and in two hours there were no mice left at the box office. One day tickets for Jose Tomas will go on sale with everything already sold.

New Arrivals Bullfighter of Eternal Return does not enter or be part of any fair or any membership. Jan’s impending bullfight takes place over the weekend of the Virgen de la Capilla, when bullfights used to happen but not for long (I’m confused about that too, ask Parado). That would mean JT’s debut as a bullfighter in La Alameda, as his season’s design never made it to the San Lucas fair back in October. Torn as Novillero once at a ceremony in 1995. From then till June 12.


The public caravans moved by Jose Tomas are not dragged by anyone. His legend (already closed, better this way), the legend of the Gallapagar Stone god, his administration of silence. The Jan Police has arrested in the last hours For a man who duped many people with false tickets. Crazy prerequisites for resale will be exceeded, the equation – “for a liter of oil, I give tickets to Jose Tomes, 1,000 euros” -, collapsed city, overflowing hotels, lack of restaurants, province forgets about revived Andaluca Is .

There are those who say that 143 euros for the low shadow line (plus the management fee) for four bulls is deflation; And others that it’s more for more (see Jose Tomas more, without fillers). JT. works in Business,

Businessman Alberto Garcia defended him: “need to find new formulas, A special event that will last longer than festivities with up to three hours of time. You have to try things out in the bull fight while respecting the worship. sales The souvenir poster is sold for 20 euros, which is not of the Barcel pictured for the occasion.

It was in 2016 when I played the last evening in Spain – Valladolid, a tribute to Victor Barrio – before Algeciras, before Granada. Data for all bullfights from 2018 onwards will have to be increased from 2016 to three (including one in Mexico: four).

This day will be the whole of January fan area, We will find faces and faces that haven’t set foot in a bullring in Granada since 2019, denying everything else. Mitmano enthusiasm. The JT can be carried on the shoulders of the hotel to the plaza as can El Cordobs . happens in the case of Put a row of mothers and daughters in the villages in the ’60s and then at the door of her room.

That was Jose Toms, has been and will be an excellent is beyond any doubt. A gift for bullfighting. No one doubts that on Sunday he will give everything, that he will not fail. Like La Almeida turned over since I stepped on the sand. Me, who wrote “Jose Tomas is bullfighting” in Madrid in 2008 or “Marciel is no longer the greatest” in Nimes in 2012, I don’t regret it, but I feel kind of disappointed.

The video images would be passed to the edited media, thinking open television—the rigor of three minutes—must be used in the 24 hours stipulated in a section to preserve the image of the myth. then each Telephone of 10,500 spectators to fit in Plaza de Jano Dynamite would take on a ’90s mindset and act as a mobile entity, flooding the network of Jose Tomas’ afternoons. In good logic they would have to demand cell phones at the entrance or put up guards like my nephew Edu’s banquet where they called you to order if you record the priest giving away the wafers. If for this Sunday, Agent Boix would provide me with 5,000 characters of the created Chronicle, I would be infinitely grateful. With a promise to publish it within the next 24 hours.

The new formula of (re)attendance is coming from 41 consecutive bullfighting evenings between Seville and Madrid, but coming off the top as we deal with bullfighting from a very crude pandemic, screams as it passes the scanner of its legend: If it was up to Jose Toms, we would have closed up shop. It seems like Jane’s return to the signing of Pell’s Cosmos, an elephant graveyard, the last major check for old football glory that could no longer compete in the big leagues: “Jose Tomas competes only with himself. “

For Sundays in January give forty-two degrees.

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