Jeff Goldblum: “Now I Have More Confidence in Myself, I’m More Comfortable”

The actor has reunited with Sam Neill and Laura Dern in “Jurassic World: Dominion”, the third installment of the new trilogy.

Jeff Goldblum: "trust now
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The actor arrives on our Zoom date exactly as expected. total look negro, thick rimmed glasses and neatly combed brown hair Sketching a few words saying how grateful he is for doing this interview. One of the most beloved actors in the hills before me Hollywood long before acting parque jursicor under the orders of Steven Spielberg around 1993. Jeff Goldblum (Pennsylvania, 1952) Together is Everywhere: Hit Movies, a New Series for Disney+ (The World According to Jeff Goldblum, only that can be said), two jazz albums with his band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, and several concerts on the agenda. The artist who turns 70 seems to have lived many lives maintaining the same outlook. opens thursday Jurassic World: DominionGrand Finale of Jurassic Saga.

Goldblum always seems to be in harmony with himself and his surroundings, he loves to talk and comment on anecdotes. There is excitement in every breath of air, It is, why not say, effortlessly cool.

Matt Winkelmeier / AFP

CMO est?
I am very good, very happy to have this interview. Which city in Spain are you in?
Right now I am spending a few days in Valencia.
Near the sea! Well, say hello to everyone for me. I love Spain, I made some movies in Madrid. If you talk to my good friend Fernando Truba, please make him pay for me. He is a wonderful person whom I love.
How does it feel to play Dr. Ian Malcolm again after almost 30 years?
Oh my gosh… what an interesting character this character wrote by Michael Crichton. Ian Malcolm is a mathematician specializing in ‘Chaos Theory’ now back. Whatever has happened in this time… having five or six kids, being a good father, appreciating life and death after all those experiences and now lending itself to a good cause. Dr. Ian Malcolm now does everything he can to secretly fight and not succumb to greed; Especially in relation to the use of scientific technology. He is ready to risk everything. On the other hand, working with Colin Trevorrow, who is an incredible director… as well as working again with Laura Dern and Sam Neill. I couldn’t have imagined it 29 years ago but here we are.
Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the first film in the “Jurassic Park” saga. What would you say about your past for the years to come?
I would say, ‘Jeff, things are going to work out in the coming decades. You’re going to get another chance to do so. Prepare yourself and make the most of every opportunity. You will meet interesting people. Thirty years will pass and you will have two beautiful children; Your whole life changes for the better. Emily, your wife, is wonderful. So don’t worry’.
His character in the saga is sarcastic, witty and very intelligent. Would you say that he is the only one who manages to break the tension?
Yes! I believe Dr. Malcolm is the one who calms their worries while trying to lift the spirits of the group in bad times. I think he tries (re). Screenwriter Emily Carmichael helped me with some hilarious lines.
Would you say that you have more creative energy now than ever before?
Ahh! I’ve always had a lot of creative energy, don’t know why. When I was 10 I got a job as an actor and it filled my stomach with gasoline to take advantage of some of those opportunities for, well, a lifetime. And as my teachers used to say, it happens that if I get close enough to the character, I’ll get better and better. I feel like I trust myself a lot more now, I’m more at ease. I feel like I have more energy, it’s true.
All that confidence comes through very clearly in his role as Dr. Malcolm.
I was very happy to be with Laura, Sam and the rest of the cast, but above all I was able to keep going. I was so excited that I used to work with my assistant, Steven Knight, even on vacation, and we would go through the scenes every day, look at other parts and come up with new ideas. I was, you know, having fun, in harmony.
The more you experience life, the more it feels like a dream, Anthony Hopkins once said.
Now we’re talking… I love Anthony Hopkins and would love to hear him say this. I love watching information on various topics on YouTube, reading material, about neuroscience and the people working on it, about meditators and anyone involved in the study of the subconscious and the nature of life, about our times. I like to see information. , time itself; Universe, Universe, Miscellaneous, all that. The mystery and majesty and poetry of all those aspects of life mesmerizes me.
Every Wednesday in Los Angeles, he goes on a date with his jazz group.
yes i like music i have one love affair with him. This is literally the life of my dreams, it’s fantastic. The harmony and melody of jazz, its different rhythms. And practice only. As the song went, ‘We all know / It might just be a dream / We come and go / Like a wave made in a stream.’ Music to me can hit and touch the most diverse parts of your interior. Different parts of your psyche, your subconscious and your creative life. And open things up in emotional and even intellectual ways that would otherwise remain closed. What did that phrase say…? Music can control the wild part of an animal. Plus, when I watch music from movies, including this one, I love how they’ve done it; We used to think of John Williams, he is awesome. And also I like to play my music, with my band, in the places where we play and I want to go to Spain and play there. I like Fernando Truba. And the music he records… and, actually!, we’re working together on something that has to do with Brazilian music for another animated story. I voiced a character. And it seems to be bossa nova, which has always fascinated me. I hope it will be released soon; Truba is a beautiful person and a great storyteller.
Now we know what music means to Jeff Goldblum. What is meant by performance?
I have always had a mysterious connection with acting which I cannot describe. But it is very strong. I just feel lucky that every day I get an opportunity to practice it, to try to get better at it. Learn from interesting people. And it seems that as time goes by it’s becoming more and more
What inspired him?
I love talking with you and with others who have seen this film. Also, the one who managed to do it is inspiring. Travel here or there. Last week we went to Mexico City and now I am in London. I would say that what inspires me are… my children [de siete y cinco aos], Now they are a huge inspiration to me.
We live in a time when it seems that yes, reality exceeds any imagination. The return of the dinosaurs would be unbelievable, at least for now.
Oh yes… I’m very interested in how science will work in the future. Man is capable of wonderful things. What we can all do together is far more powerful than we can imagine. There are so many things in the world that look like they’re going to be more frightening than what we’ve seen before, but maybe, like in this movie, people think right and they’re smart and educated, they put together Can work and learn to live with creatures that are so dangerous. Incredible life on our planet; We don’t need dinosaurs to see amazing and fantastic creatures, we already share the planet with them and I think we should do it in a more peaceful way. Good things can happen too.

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