Joan of Arc at stake: a pear for great actresses


Marion Cotillard Starred in a Very Remarkable Day in Real Arthur Honegar’s Masterpiece

French actress Marion Cotillard during a rehearsal for 'Joan of Arc at the Stake'.
French actress Marion Cotillard during a rehearsal for ‘Joan of Arc at the Stake’.Royal Theater
  • para Teresa Bergenza, the diva that even Karjan couldn’t silence

after its premiere Basel 1938, great oratory ‘Joan of Arc at stake’masterpiece of Arthur Honeger, had two singular aspirations: to be represented as a pear and not to be a singing diva but to be a first-class actress. was the first ida rubinsteinDue to which it happened. others followed until hysterical appearances Ingrid Bergman, which also took the character to the movies. In RealSovereign stage presence of, in co-production with Frankfurt Opera House Marion CotillardThe hero and pivot of a very remarkable day.

Honegger gives you poetry Paul Claudel Which, at the same time, is a historical drama, a patriotic proclamation involving fanaticism, and a blatant clash between the celestial world, human rivalry and ideology that sees someone as a saint savior for some and an evil witch for others. can make. Without forgetting that the eccentric character is an illiterate farmer, but a visionary at the age of eighteen. The music is a sharp and personal summary of the avant-garde of its time with an impressive choral work and a modern and intelligent orchestra that included the then new ondas martenot,

There are many sung and spoken characters, all excellent on occasion, but subject to the lead actress’s performance which was superb. More is needed: an exceptional choir, a stage direction and a great music director. were there. royal choirperfectly articulated, as well as, prepared by Anders Maspro Little Singers of JorcamWith whom Anna Gonzalez achieving extraordinary results. alex oli formulated a natural vision deeply rooted in boss fury, debuted, in which the earthly and the heavenly subtly join hands as opera and oratorio do in a poignant yet thrilling show. And with all this, a sovereign musical direction. Definitely Juanzo Mena He is currently the most international Spanish director. And here he not only demonstrated it. But he showed a deep musical maturity. Great performance by the teacher. With him and Cotillard we see a version that today is nowhere better.

As a prelude, and almost as a monumental contrast, the cantata of Debussy‘The Lady Reed’ about a text rosetti Which is the glory of the eternal earthly and heavenly woman. Precious and priceless work, sung by Camilla Tilling You encelejda shkosa, caressed by the choir and orchestra under Mena’s subtle and delicate direction. Natural transition between two functions very nicely. This was followed by a huge flare-up, ‘John of Arc at the Bonfire’ by Cotillard, Ol and Mena, which will not be easy to forget and which was a resounding success.

Construction: La Demoiselle Leu, text Dante Gabriel Rossetti, musical debut. Joan of Arc at stake, text Paul Claude, music Arthur Honegger. Marion Cotillard, actress, soloist, principal orchestra and choir of the Teatro Real, minor vocals of Jorkum. stage manager. Alex All. Music Direction. Juanzo Mena.

From 7th June 2022. Rating: ****

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