Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and the End of Justified Causes


Both the actors, winners, and actresses, losers have worked hard as it all began to embezzle the women’s liberation movement brought about by MeToo for their own benefit.

Johnny Depp waves at trial in Fairfax, Virginia.
Johnny Depp waves at trial in Fairfax, Virginia.Jim Watson / pool / AFP
  • Holocaust Verdict: Amber Heard Pays 15 Million to Accuse Johnny Depp of Abuse; depp give them 2 for defamation too

Knowing the sentence Amber Heard give up and Johnny Depp Came to celebrate the victory. This is to save the explanatory perimeter. But beyond the obvious, everyone rushed to clarify what was at stake and, above all, where it was at stake. For the actor, without even mentioning it, his partner took advantage of the wind in favor of the women’s liberation movement that Meitu has brought to destroy his career. For the actress, the verdict that removes her from logic is, in fact, against all women and, by extension, it is MeToo who suddenly finds herself with a hole in her waterline.

He says condemnation in the media (remember what was being judged was an article signed by Amber Heard) ‘The Washington Post’, nothing else) was “seismic effect” In his life and in his career. And he adds some time: everything happened, they say, “in a nanosecond.” She replies and in fact, talks not about him but about all those who might be like him. There are two important sentences: “This is a throwback when speaking women can be publicly humiliated. It is backward because it takes away the seriousness of violence against women.”

Too. I am of the opinion that no one is perfect. The career of the man who gave life to Jack Sparrow was in steep decline long before his partner accused him of anything. it’s more, The unfortunate possibility that Depp has contemplated in this decision now comes to us in the form of the possibility of re-swimming the already submerged on Live and Tik Tok. Heard, on the other hand, was determined from day one to use to his advantage and an essentially proper flag was appropriate and, as director Jane Campion pointed out at the time, one for the women of the industry who groped them. and humiliated. Equivalent to the end of apartheid in South Africa. Otherwise, one of the most important reasons of recent times is just as passive in this dysfunctional couple and in the media as some declared enemies, if not their gravediggers.

If it is to settle the whole matter with the clarity provided by the court’s decisions, then the wisest thing to do would be to let the game be drawn. In fact, they go from 1 to 1. In 2018, he won the Heard in London. And he did it twice as well. In March last year, the British Court of Appeals refused to accept an appeal filed by the actor against a November 2020 verdict accusing him of misbehaving with his ex-wife. That spring, the judge did not accept additional evidence presented by Depp to justify the appeal. Depp wants to appeal the decision that dismissed his defamation suit against the newspaper ‘Sun’, who accused him of being in an article in 2018 “A Wife Beater”, Now, in the old days, everything is decided by what someone said in the newspaper and everything has to do with whether defamation took place or not. A court in England did not ask for an article; In Virginia, another has said yes to another. Although basically, both texts say the same thing. Strangely, or simply incomprehensible, the two admitting that they abused each other as they have, never been criminally complained or charged. And the suspicion is that it is not because it does not serve the genuine interests of one and the other, which are perhaps nothing to explain but others which are too childish. But this is just a guess.

If we view Depp’s career as artistically obsolete, whatever it is, it’s hard to find a film that’s at least relevant beyond 2015, when everything was still missing. personally, ‘black mass’ – far from critical consensus (in public it was worse) – as can be considered his last and most recognizable attempt at vengeance apart from clumsiness ‘Fantastic Beasts’, embarrassing version of ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ or stretching beyond the common sense of the saga of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. His independent (and unsuccessful) attempt is as follows ‘Waiting for the barbarians’ hey ‘Photographer of Minamata’ (produced by him) has also not reported anything to him. Why talk about the role of the San Sebastian Festival, which is giving him the Donostia Award.

He lamented that because of his ex, he was ‘Cancelled‘ in the above two blockbusters. And his happiness for him ‘before’cancellation‘ You want a new statement to be recorded. Heard, on the other hand, that all women have not missed the opportunity to weep and lament, that she is separated (consequently ,Cancelled‘) of ‘aquaman, Cancellations in the form of new lamentations of eviction and crying.

Whatever the case, the trial is not over. Everything indicates that there will be more resources, more’meme‘, M / s ‘Virginia, And all this suggests that the atmosphere of cultural warfare we have given ourselves will continue to do mischief. The avalanche of stale hatred that Hurd has endured paints and humiliates us. The eagerness of our system to embezzle everything, even the most obvious and justifiable reasons, is in this case one of its saddest developments. Whoever wins, we all lose.

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