Johnson defies Ireland protocol and international law with immigrant deportation flights


The premier has warned the EU against a trade war and assured it only intended to “introduce trivial adjustments” to the protocol

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first” boris johnson He has warned the EU against a trade war because of the Ireland Protocol and assured that his country intended only “to offer a set of trivial adjustments”. Brussels awaits, however, with its sword held high, the presentation, on Monday, a . Of Legislation to unilaterally discard the most controversial point of the Brexit dealConsidered as a potential violation of international law.

British boss CBI has warned the “Premier” that his actions before the protocol could lead to a “trade war” with the European Union, to which Johnson replied succinctly: “It would be a serious form of exaggeration.” ” In statements from the LBC series, “Premier” reiterated that does not accept the grounds of violation of international law and emphasized that he only wanted to “fix the problems of the protocol”, which in his opinion has increased trade barriers between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In double defiance of international law, Johnson plans Tuesday Rwanda deports more than 30 immigrants Who illegally reached the UK through the English Channel. The decision, reportedly described as “horrendous” by Prince Charles himself, received harsh criticism from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and faced last-minute appeal in British courts.

“We knew there would be legal recourse, but our lawyers are on the ground and I have great respect for their profession,” Johnson said. “What we’re trying to do is break the business model of human trafficking gangs. They’re giving immigrants a false hope.”

However, despite Rwanda’s declaration of deportation, the influx of immigrants crossing the English Channel continues to grow. More than 10,000 people – mostly men of Kurdish, Iranian or Iraqi descent – have arrived on British shores in the past few years. This figure is already double that of last year, when the year-end record of 28,000 migrants was reached.

“The government plans to break international laws”

Despite the serious political and economic problems it faces, censorship joke Backed by 41% of his duties, inflation above 9% and growth stagnation for the second month in a row, Boris Johnson seems to have deliberately chosen two battles on the international stage to regain his lost popularity with voters. To be tried, even though the coast. Create new and serious divisions in your own country.

“Everything points to the government’s plan to break international law,” warned Labor foreign affairs spokeswoman Rachel Reeve in Speaking to Ireland’s Act of Protocol, drawing parallels with Johnson’s own dealings in the Partygate scandal. . “This government already has a record of breaking the law and that is something Labor cannot support.”

“It is shameful that Northern Ireland is used as a bargaining chip in a confrontation with Europe, and all designed to fuel the arrogance and leadership ambitions of Boris Johnson or his successor,” Sinn Finn President Mary Lou McDonald, said the winner in the recent elections in Ulster.

“The protocol is working, it has prevented a hard border withdrawal and is the mechanism that gives Northern Ireland access to a single European market,” McDonald’s said. “That’s why the economy of Northern Ireland is now stronger than that of the UK except for the City of London. What the government is doing, trying to break international law, can cause huge losses.” financial”.

Bloc opposition parties have demanded that the government fully publish all legal reports on legislation that intends to unilaterally “amend” the Irish Protocol. “The refusal to make legal advice public is another cover-up attempt by Boris Johnson with repeated lies and violations of the law,” Liberal Democrat Alistair Campbell said.

Meanwhile, unions have asked the government to postpone plans for deportation to Rwanda until the program’s legitimacy is sufficiently proven. A high court granted preliminary approval on Friday, but a coalition of pro-migrant groups in hopes of stopping the first flight filed a last resort on Monday. Meanwhile in cities such as Manchester, there were many demonstrations of support with banners against the “externalization” of immigrants. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, also condemned the Rwanda plan as “contrary to the nature of God”.

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