Johnson government reopens Ireland’s war protocol


London intends to tighten rope with EU to compensate for May 5 election disaster

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (right) at the Palace of Westminster.
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (right) at the Palace of Westminster.AP
  • Northern Ireland Federalism will boycott the formation of autonomous government after elections
  • United Kingdom Boris Johnson acknowledges the “loss and anger” caused by the partygate and apologizes to the British Parliament

the government of boris johnson Ireland is determined to reopen the War on Protocol and could announce next week the unilateral resignation of the most controversial point of the Brexit deal. as revealed many timesForeign Secretary Liz Truss is set to break deck, despite protests from Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, who has warned that the decision Could start a trade war with the EU and have an even greater impact on the cost of living.

Nevertheless, Johnson has once again raised the Brexit flag in response. Loss of half a thousand Conservative councilors in the recent local elections. With elections in Northern Ireland Sinn Finn’s historic victoryfurther complicated the situation: federalist parties have declared the boycott of a “shared power” government if there is no explicit abdication of the protocol (which makes it the closest thing to an internal customs office in the United Kingdom).

in your official program Read to Parliament by Prince Charles in the Queen’s absenceJohnson has projected his intention to “take action to protect the Good Friday peace deal”, a conceivable argument that the ‘Premier’ will cling to the challenge presented by the federalists.

foreign Minister, liz trussThe last week, which has decided to sign a “struggle” with the European Union over the war in Ukraine, has taken a marked turn, fueled by conservative debacle in elections and reinforcing its own aspirations as a leader. need to. A Fantasy Competition for the “Succession” of Boris Johnson,

according to this many times, Truss Ireland intends to forgo a large part of the Protocol, with it already being baptized as Internal Market Law 2.0. London aspires to end a large part of the control over goods between Great Britain and the United Kingdom, the relinquishment of community rules for Northern Ireland companies, and the supervisory role of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The Foreign Secretary will allege a “sense of urgency” arising from the situation in Northern Ireland and the refusal of federalist parties to participate in the “shared power” government—as provided for in the peace deal—unless it is explicitly relinquished. protocol.

Sinn Féin’s local leader and future Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Michelle O’Neill, has already warned that the protocol cannot be a “collateral victim” of the elections and has called back the new majority in his favor in the new Stormont. assembly, in which Federalists have lost their hegemony for the first time,

The Secretary for Northern Ireland, Brendan Lewis, has called on the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to reconsider its position and cooperate with the formation of a new government in Ulster for the peace process. However, the situation threatens to complicate in the coming days with fears of new disturbances and outbreaks of violence like the one in Belfast a year ago.

Irish Prime Minister, Michelle MartinFor his part warned Boris Johnson in a phone call from High risk of “unilateral withdrawal” of both protocols for stability in Northern Ireland and to the normalization of relations between London and Brussels, with European security as a backdrop.

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