Johnson says he is “on the side of the British” despite collapse in polls


The British Prime Minister launched an aggressive measure to curb the rise in the cost of living

Boris Johnson at a press conference on June 9.
Boris Johnson at a press conference on June 9.Peter ByronAFP
  • United Kingdom Boris Johnson assures that “nothing and no one” can stop him as prime minister
  • Great Britain Boris Johnson among conservatives, the worst valued of his government

boris johnson has sought the complicity of the British in their political ‘rents’ in Blackpool – “We are on your side”, in the first public act since a motion of censure, in which 41% of their own representatives voted against them, The ‘Premier’ has tried to restart its government program with a battery of actions to counter the rising cost of living, despite the fact that 61% of voters disagree with their views in the face of inflation and 69% believe he is doing poorly as prime minister,

YouGov’s polls reflect a new collapse in the conservative leader’s popularity, similar to the one he experienced in December. Escandalo del ‘Partygate’, 60% estimate the ‘Premier’ should resign, including 32% Conservatives. The Labor Party is ahead by eight points (39% to 31%) in the election and its leader, Keir Starmer leads Johnson By the same margin as the question “Who do you think would be a better prime minister?”

Johnson has already reiterated, however, his intention to remain at the helm, despite the storm and a possible legislative boycott by 148 rebel Conservative Party representatives. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Brexit Opportunities, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has warned that a blockage of the government’s legislative agenda could end in a call for early elections, a major setback that Johnson could resort to again, as he did in December 2019. did in. to remain in his position.

The defiant response to “Premier” – after technically winning a motion of censure, but at the same time facing political humiliation – threatens to further exacerbate internal divisions. already within the government “Pure” the advisors who criticized or didn’t support them Prior to the censure motion, such as Baroness Helena Morrissey, she was sacked from her position as non-executive director of the ‘Foreign Office’ by the head of foreign affairs, Liz Truss.

Aaron Bell, one of Johnson’s most conspicuous critics within the party, warned in statements to Sky News that the “Premier” has not made the slightest effort to start talks with “insurgents” since the censure motion. : “You don’t have 148 votes from day to day and for no reason, Many MPs feel that they have been sidelined by this government. I think it would be helpful if someone on your team thought about why this happened.”

War in Britain and Ukraine

However, Johnson’s strategy has been the closest thing to going fast. In his first public intervention since ‘Black’ on Monday, he narrowed down questions from the press to six and avoided any reference to the censure motion. His aim was to re-engage with the British as much as possible from start to finish, ensuring that his government had already put them on an equal footing. 43,000 million euros to help families and companies Seasonally rising energy prices.

Johnson sent the message between the lines that the hard wing of the party had hoped so much: “The tax burden is too high. The current level is a deviation, caused by Covid. Sooner than later, the tax pressure is going down.” Is”.

However, the ‘Premier’ has warned its compatriots to leave behind the idea of ​​”Covid mentality” and “State is the solution”. In a new nod to the party’s still loyal wing, he insisted that “less states are, at times, the solution.” And, incidentally, he recalled the risks of “a spiral of price increases and wage increases” if workers were asked to compensate for inflation: “This is not the solution and it will lead us to an even greater economic crisis.” can carry.”

Johnson has pleaded directly Vladimir Putin’s “Unprovoked War” The underlying cause of the galloping rise in energy, transportation and food prices began to take shape after the pandemic came out. The Premier has acknowledged that economic sanctions against Russia are affecting the pockets of Europeans. “But to leave the Ukrainians in their heroic struggle would be morally repugnant,” he said.

Johnson’s intervention comes with the historical record of £100 (118 euros) the British are paying to be able to get a car deposit. The OECD meanwhile downgrades the economic outlook for United Kingdom and warned that next year (with zero growth) The country with the worst economic performance of the G20 could beApart from Russia, inflation is still at 7% this year after reaching 10%.

Johnson has claimed the lowest unemployment rate since 1975 (3.8%) and has assured that his plans “for a stronger economy” – which he will continue to unravel in the coming weeks – will ease as inflation pressure eases. , lays the foundation for a recovery. ,

This Thursday they have come under fire with their plans for housing a ‘remake’ of Margaret Thatcher’s initiative, which has given more than two million Britons access to social housing ownership. Johnson has recognized that the vast majority of British ‘millennials’ today cannot aspire to the “dream of owning a home” and has promised measures to facilitate the “right to buy” for new generations.

The opposition has criticized Johnson’s plans to capture the spotlight, almost always coinciding with key moments, which, compared to his ads in recent months, fell into disrepair. “The Johnson Government Is Broken”Liberal Democrat Daisy Cooper said. “They have absolutely no idea how to help lakhs of families who are struggling to pay their electricity bills amid high inflation.”

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