Jorge Garbajosa: “I’m crazy about theatre, although now with work and parenthood I’ve given up on it a bit”

George Garbajosa (Toren de Ardoz, Madrid, 1977) took up basketball because there were no soccer shoes in his size, and he couldn’t do better. In short: he is one of the greats of national basketball; The leader, along with Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro, the team that was in 2006 Spain made world champion And he was the hero of the so-called golden age of the sport; was in the Mecca, NBA; in Italy; in Russia… and, for almost six years, he’s been Federacin Espaola de Baloncesto. in front of, Whose selections are sponsored by fiber and mobile operator Fine Networks.

“The price of doing a gram is worth saying more than a kilo.” With that phrase Garbajosa began his Twitter profile, the same one that guides his steps as FEB’s president. “We live in a time where There is a lot of information and little communication, The best way to communicate, and even more so in a situation like this, is to do it. I was filled with arrogance when I played And I’m not here to feed or validate it”, the Madrid man explains.

“The day I leave, I aspire to do it with the feeling that Basketball is a little better than when I came in and you have to go through a lot for that. I could give speeches every day, but it’s more important than that act like an ant So that the result is the talk of our game.”

This nearly two three-year period (completed in July) has been a constant learning and the last time – between Covid and the war in Ukraine -, “A Quick Master” Identify. “There are situations that no one could have imagined and that have affected everyone and everything. At work, during the pandemic we had to make decisions without precedent and after spending many hours, everyone from players to clubs Heard the opinion of The good news is that we stand still and, as Joaquín Sabina would say, with poor iron health”,

He continues: “Basketball has gone through very tough, dramatic times. We’ve suffered, but we’re still on the road”, points to George with more musical references. And it is that if Madrid has something to love, it is with the music and with its city to offer, it is convinced that it is worth more, especially when it has spent as many seasons abroad as it did with it. Today, Jorge Garbajosa He becomes our special Cicerone and reveals his “Madrid” to us.

El Retiro, the place you always come back to.
El Retiro, the place you always come back to.Antonio Heredia

one restaurant (two)

“Two. I’ve lived in Italy four years and I haven’t met any dining room of that level.” don giovanni (Paseo de la Reina Cristina, 23), by Andrea Tumbarello. As for the food, how he makes you feel like a host… that’s amazing. i always ask Seasonal Black Truffle Tagliatelle, another restaurant with love (Esproceda, 34), from a friend, Juanjo. I like his Traditional Dining Style with a Twist, this applies to you for a business lunch instead of a dinner with friends. It’s very homely and I love their tuna tacos on fake risotto.”

a tapas bar

The president of the FEB bet on two taverns. ,Arzabali (Avenida de Menendez Pelayo, 13), I know I got nothing and this is a Madrid classic, but it’s also among my favorites: Their croquettes and the cheese they put with picitos… Everything is delicious. There was a time when I lived very close to 29 bushels (Common Prayer, 29), and Saved my life many nights when I came home late and there was nothing in the fridge. It’s great and has a great ambiance, perfect for going out with friends and having a quick breakfast”.

a play and a musical

,Anyone that has Edu Soto. I’m a fan of theatre, though now with work and parenthood I’ve given up on it a bit; It’s hard to find time. i remember lovingly sometimes i see umberto [en cartel en el Teatro Muoz Seca], i went a long time ago not such a good time for me i came out crying with laughter, It may not be the best in the world, but it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. As for the music, singgame, I have a young daughter and we sing her songs at home; I know them all. You go to see it for your daughter and in the end, you have a good time too.”

arz croquettes
Arzbal croquettes is one of his favorite dishes.

a bookcase

,Fuencarli’s Book House (Fuencarl, 119). Not only have I given up on theater a bit, I’m also about to become an ex-reader due to time constraints, though. I like to browse books. Sometimes I take 10; sometimes none But I like to get lost there.

a corner to return again and again

“The Retiro Park (Plaza de la Independencia, 7). For me, the retreat is madridBesides, it’s my home, and I’ve lived near it for a while. I went for a walk, for a run or just to be there, because you don’t need an excuse to leave. I always say we idealized New York’s Central Park too I usually say I’d like Central Park to be El Retiro”,

A shop

“their’s Disco & Wine Bar, I am very liberal about music. I love almost everything, indie, folk… Liva, Enrique Banbury, The Beatles… Now I’m in vinyl, we get nostalgic as we get older, I am making my own collection. I have a good friend who is crazy about them, Canco Rodriguez; opens a vinyl every sunday And I’m copying that. Also over the years it usually happens that you drink much less and better, and over time I’m fascinated by the world of wine: how the grape is treated, how it’s madeBarrel process…”.

a special museum

,Prado Museum (Ruiz de Alarcón, 23). When you travel, you visit the Louvre in Paris, van Gogh in Amsterdam… Next to our house is El Prado near Madrilenos and we don’t give it enough importance. Outsiders probably appreciate this gem more than us. I rediscovered it a while back, and it has startled me again.”

View of Madrid from the terrace of Ginkgo Sky Bar.
View of Madrid from the terrace of Ginkgo Sky Bar.

play area

“Again retirementAnd that it is not at all easy for the allergy sufferer at certain times. I’m running a lot, okay, now for a walk, for that, i’m going too Go Fit Fsico (Azafron, 4, MazadaHonda), a gym near my house and owned by a lot of friends.

a porch

“I’m going to say two that offer some of the best Madrid view: one from the ground and the other from the sky, take something Ramses (Plaza de la Independencia, 4), with good company and seeing the Puerta de Alcal is a luxury. I recently discovered ginkgo sky bar (Plaza de Espaa, 3) and its panoramic view, practically 360 of the whole of Madrid, is amazing”.

a concert

“Live music is probably my biggest passion. For example, watching Enrique Banburysomeone who sits very high [el cantante aragons acaba de cancelar su gira], One ancient morla, one of the national indie banners; One fashionHilarious group that makes high quality music… or Rolling stoneWhat am I going to tell you! , going to one of his concerts is seeing something that lasts forever”.

a monument

,Alkali’s Gate, This has gripped me since I was little; I pass by it many times and I always leave my mouth open and I don’t know what is the reason”.

one of his
One of his latest hobbies is collecting vinyl.Shutterstock

a road

,Fuencarral, and since it was fashionable before, Because of a mix of people, businesses, shops, bars… for someone who is over two meters tall, this is a Nice place to try not to get as much attention as possibleI don’t understand it at all, but more so than elsewhere.”

a neighborhood to get lost in

,malasa forever, I’m still going There I have spent many hours with friends and many laughs; I have met many people there and had a great time there. I love the hippie, alternative, bohemian point that he has.

un delivery

“Sushi Master (Ctra. de Pozuelo, 48, Mazadahonda), because it holds me so close to home, has a great product and it’s healthy food, and Rocacho (Padre Damin, 38), a high-quality home delivery is proposed. “.

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