Jose Caldern: “I love chatting with characters who inspire others”


Return of the Spanish Basket Legend with UNIQ by SNGULAR and KIA: Conversations with relevant figures of Spanish society

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Trying to get things done is always commendable, Each person has a different path to reach relevance, leadership or exemplary status. And I love chatting with them to confirm that nobody has been given anything, that they have to work, that they have put in many hours, that they have climbed many stairs”. jose caldernSpanish basketball legend, Current Special Advisor to Cavaliers General Manager Kobe Altman, likes to talk about the path leading up to the stairs to heaven, about the art of climbing the stairs of success, slowly, without leaving anyone. it goes about UNIQ by SNGULAR and KIA,

Extremadura’s former player, a great conversationalist, has moved on to the other side. So many times subject to questionnaire August 14 in the NBA And some in the ACB, from being heroes in the Golden Age of Selection, now act as conductors of a space through which prominent figures in different sectors of Spanish society have passed: dancers. all anniversarythe chef jose andersopreacher Tony Segarravirology Margaret of the ValleyJournalist Ana Pastor, Tennis Coach Toni Nadal, Former Basketball Player (and Good Friend) Paul Gasohe, musician Charles JeanCEO of Santander, Antonio Simos, among others. Together, but not melee, they aim to inspire. Those are conversations that are not ‘ripe’ in production. “We never made the cut. And there’s no deadline either. We ended up talking about unexpected things and that’s very natural.”

I like to chat with these characters to confirm that nobody is given anything, that they have work to do, that they have put in many hours, that they have climbed many steps.

José Calderón, Spanish basketball legend, UNIQ. the driver of

For an athlete with many concerns, trained to work professionally far from the courts, who never rested on his laurels, who fled from living on income after an illustrious career in basketball, now in front of the Cavs. Office of Consultant and formerly in the NBA Players Union, UNIQ brings to you truly unique and magical moments, “I feel like just another fan. I look forward to talking to them. I’m learning a lot because I never really know where things are going. I have my guidelines, but you don’t.” Know what is going to happen. I can have more or less different subjects ready for them.” Deal with thoughts that come with me on the fly.

IfHaving already finished most of the field work with the Cavs before the NBA draft (June 23) with his family in Spain, he doesn’t know how to choose a favorite character “because they all contributed so much to me. They all seem interesting to me. I love meeting people and getting to know fantastic people for their work, but I also tend to naturalize characters, We are all unique, we are people, we all started with the same rules and different paths to reach our goals. I am also interested in the day-to-day things that are not visible and perhaps the most important thing is to answer the question why do you think you have arrived?

Peter’s Christina

I love meeting people and getting to know fantastic people for their work, but I also tend to naturalize the character

José Calderón, Spanish basketball legend, UNIQ. the driver

Now interview him. As an interviewer, I never shied away from a topic, although I was always “afraid of the title”, I’ve never been one to talk about a topic, say no, this or that, but I took charge of the moment to communicate the messages, if it was appropriate or appropriate to say it. I think you always have to know the tone to deliver things.”

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