Juan Carlos I Felipe VI. hurried to his final hours in Spain after his long meeting with


Felipe VI’s father has been at his residence for 50 years from ten o’clock in the morning

King Juan Carlos in Madrid
King Juan Carlos in MadridRodrigoEFE
  • meeting King Juan Carlos before Felipe VI in Zarzuela: “I have come here to normalize everything”
  • family King Emeritus assures that he is “eagerly” looking forward to meeting with his son and expects “many hugs”.

King Juan Carlos spends his last hours in Spain before taking a plane Abu Dhabi, his official residence since March 5. Felipe VI’s father is gone four days Historic return to our country took place 21 months after his departure. Juan Carlos I ends his journey with a visit to Jarzuela Palace, Which was his home for half a century.

At 10 a.m. King Father crossed the gate of the Jarzuela site in an off-road vehicle. Don Juan Carlos has lowered the window upon his arrival to welcome For the journalists and the fifty spontaneous people who have come to Somontes carrying Spanish flags to commend the king. As he moved into his surroundings these days, Don Juan Carlos intended to “get everything back to normal” with this trip. He also expected “lots of hugs” from his relatives.

What is happening inside the palace, at the moment it is not revealed of a private act of family. It is known that the king has had a long meeting with his son and that in Jarzuela he also meets again Doa Sofia, who has not traveled to Abu Dhabi in these two years.

Casa Real has conceived this meeting a low key family reunion and private. Therefore, Jarzuela did not consider sending photos or revealing more about the guests at lunch after the family meeting at this time.

This morning, Infanta has gone to her office at the Elena Mapfrey Foundation. At noon he has left his job, although he has not entered Jarzuela through the official door. Even at lunchtime, he left his residence in the center of Madrid infanta margarita with her husband, carlos jurita, At the moment, it is unknown whether they have stayed at the Palace.

Although the initial plan was for Don Juan Carlos to stay in Madrid until four o’clock in the afternoon, he remained in Zarzuela at that time. These days in Sanxenxo the father of Felipe VI lamented with his surroundings Little Time that he was supposed to live in Madrid. In fact, some of his friends went to Galicia to see him.

Don Juan Carlos hopes to return to Spain in three weeks, when he will travel to Sanxenxo again to participate in the Sailing World Cup. Their intention is that the seizures become more frequent and longer as time goes on.

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