Juan Diego Botto wraps up his perfect year of wins at the Max Awards with Una Noche Sin Luna


Acclaimed by critics and awarded the National Theater Award, the actor won the Best Show and Actor awards.

Juan Diego Botto in A Night Without a Moon
Juan Diego Boto in ‘A Night Without the Moon’Espaol Theater

Lorca says a moonlit night That in Granada they killed him just like that at night, without the moon. It was Monday, the first quarter, and not only did he not kill Lorca (or Juan Diego Boto), they promoted him to the Olympus to which he belongs. Because the creation of the Hispano-Argentinian actor from the experiences of the Andalusian poet The Max Awards were dominated by awards for Best Actor and Best Show.

double of Apple Which completes the full year of Juan Diego Botto, has already been praised to extreme by critics and recognized for his Lorquian composition with the National Theater Award last September. A montage of a strong historical and political character that despite his absence in Menorca to be filmed this Monday, he also did not want to give up. He did this with a text in his mouth from his family and production director Sergio Paris Menchetta that he had read. This is to remind all the men who are still waiting to get justice in the abyss of our country., May his remains be given a dignified funeral along with his loved ones.

There was no lack of gratitude to his mother and mentor Christina Rota for the lessons he committed with theatre, society and life, nor was his criticism of Vox’s extreme authority, as the actor wrote. The ideology that insists on appropriating the Spanish language to deprive others of rights and take the rest of us out of it.

And, although the 25th edition of the Max Awards referred to Juan Diego Boto, there was also room for José Luis Alonso de Santos, a brilliant Spanish humor and dramatist, to parade through the stages of the Teatre Principal de Ma. was for. Received with fully erected stalls. What we love the most since we were little is applause. My family has asked me to write a page so as not to get lost and not long, but it is lost, the man from Valladolid begins to show the ironic comedy that has always accompanied him: from valeques pond One junkie and yankee to pass on get out of the swamp, I have always known how to surround myself with wonderful people and so this Max is not mine, it is his. I’m going to have the base, because I like to be the base so others can support and shine,

As Monica Lopez won Best Actress and dancer Jess Carmona with her show beast dance He won Best Music and Best Male Dance Artist. The identity of the Catalan boy who one day decided without prior notice that he wanted to dance and became one of the national standards. If a child says he wants to dance, support him, give him his place in the world, Because I was like that, a guy who said one day he wanted to dance and I’m here to pick up this Max, concluded Belayar.

Although far from great categories, I sing and the mountains dance, inspired by the novel by Irene Soul, premiered in Catalonia and whose directors had already warned about their intention to land in Madrid, also wanted their share of the spotlight. For its writers, Guillaume Alba and Joan Arc, it was the award for best stage direction as well as design of a natural space, and best musical composition went to Judit Nederman. Both creators took the opportunity to expose their soul to the Jokers. Even if they award us for a serious show, we’ll be clowns,

Pure Lorca for tonight’s brooch with the moon.

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