Juan Espadas against the personal campaign of Juanma Moreno: “At PSOE we work as a team and we do not hide jargon”

Juan Espadas has made serious efforts to distance himself from PP candidate Juanma Moreno in his presentation today. election program, On several occasions, the similarities between the two political profiles have been highlighted, as they address the same kind of electorate, who are socially located at the center of the ideological arc, seeking efficient management rather than a charismatic leadership model. and run furiously. But the Swords don’t seem comfortable in comparison and this Wednesday they have emphasized what separates them from their main political adversary, beyond ideological differences.

“I would be embarrassed to appear in front of voters behind a sign with my name. Because in this party you work as a team and the acronyms are not hidden.” Espadas thus tries to discredit the personal character of Moreno’s campaign, which is presented in acts with a lecture in which his first name, Juanma, appears without the surname or acronym of PP, and in which traditional corporate blue The popular has disappeared to give way to the Andalusian Hare.

The socialist candidate, who presented a 186-page election program today, not only despises Moreno’s presidential style, but also seeks to dismantle his main electoral argument, which as a community is the ‘Andaluca of Change’ as a community that is ranked economically linked. Formation of companies, increase in self-employment or decrease in unemployment.

Conversely, the socialist assures that Andalusia is losing the convergence race and has “passed”. second division of the economy”.

Thus, for example, the socialist claim that convergence with the European Union has collapsed: Start Andaluca’s per resident has fallen to 59.4% of the average in 2020 The European Union“Something never happened in this century and unimaginable only three years ago”.

He stressed that GDP per resident has fallen in five years to less than 75% of Spain’s. Andalusian GDP has fallen for another five years, and in 2021 it was 3.7 points lower than in 2018. In its analysis, PSOE does not take into account the impact of the pandemic worldwide and its particular virus in the economies that depend on it. Service area. , as is Andalusian.

Confirming the socialist program, there has been a “very serious reduction in the weight of the industry”, pointing out that this parameter would have gone back 10 years and is at a “minimum level”, without providing more accurate data.

Decrease of 20,262 companies registered in March 2022 social Security About December 2018, adds a document prepared by the Socialists, which also points to a 7.7% reduction in the Andalusian business fabric, the largest of all autonomous communities.

Andaluca, he says, “takes a tragic lead in registered unemployment and job insecurity in Spain.” The socialists also emphasize that, as of March 2022, “it was one of the few communities with unemployment levels higher than 2018, when most of Spain was already at the bottom.

At the end of 2021, PSOE recalls, only 2.3% of contracts were indefinite, “the worst number of indefinite contracts in all”. Spainwhen PP’s labor reform was still in force”.

However, PSOE admits that the trend began to change in 2022, a turning point that places the blame on the labor reform of Pedro Sánchez’s government, which the PP voted for, he recalls. “Andaluca benefits the most from the new labor reform of the Spanish government: it is the one that reduced unemployment the least in April with 33,072 fewer registered unemployed and 161,136 permanent contracts, 47% of the total”.

decrease in unemployment

Management of European funds and their use in job creation is the main objective of the socialist program, which it considers feasible. reduce unemployment In just one legislature in half (which would keep the rate of about 10%) thanks to the promotion of the reactivation plan funded by The European Union,

In addition, Espadas elaborated on its proposal to join hands with the company, providing the first jobs to youth, for which it announced a specific program that would include investments €2 billionand includes bets placed by professional training,

PSOE also dedicates a specific chapter to health and pledges to guarantee care within a maximum period of 48 hours in health centers and reduce waiting lists. 8,000 professionals Dismissed from the Andalusian health system were part of a detachment of 20,000 that took part in reinforcements during the most critical months of the pandemic.

restraint, main antagonist

PSOE believes that the party may face the main hurdle in the autonomous elections to be held in Andalusia to be held on June 19 and therefore they are going to try to mobilize their voters as much as possible, sources said. According to federal executive For Europe Press. Furthermore, he suspects that there will be a right-wing flight of socialist votes.

Thus, socialists seek a higher participation, believing that this circumstance would make their candidate favorable to preside over the board of government, john swords, Our enemy is abstinence, that people should stay at home, he indicated.

At the same time, Farage’s view is that there will be no transfer of votes between the two. left and right blocks And, therefore, he does not fear that part of his electorate may go to Juanma Moreno’s PP, who is seeking re-election as president.

Under this premise, and always with the clear aim of energizing their voters, they hope to achieve a good result and aspire to be the first force, as happened here. 2018,

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