Juan Espadas will continue to lead PSOE-A regardless of results: “I am a long-distance runner”


The Samajwadi candidate assured that he would start preparations for the municipal elections the next day on 19 June and when the general elections would be held.

Juan Espadas greets during an electoral act in c
Juan Espadas greets during an electoral act in Cratama (Málaga).EFE

PSOE candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Andaluca, john swords, This Friday he has left no doubt about his continuity as party leader after next Sunday’s regional elections and has guaranteed that he will “in any hypothesis” of results in the elections “after 19J” for Andalusia. Responsibility to continue working”.

This is how the swords spoke at the beginning of the last day of the campaign during a tv interviewCollected by Europa Press, in which he acknowledged that PSOE-A and himself face election as a candidate in a “very complex and very difficult scenario”.

“Autonomous elections were the first objective of this new political project. We submitted candidacy in January. When we finished our congress we formed teams. We had little time to be able to reach all corners of Andalusia. To be able to explain this new project and introduce new PSOE-A teams, but this is only the beginning of the road”, assured the leader of the Andalusian Socialists.

Espadas has defended that the current leadership of PSOE-A “has the support and unanimous support of the entire organization and now, moreover, it is a more united party than ever” and assured that “the day after 19J We will prepare for the municipal elections as and when the general elections come.”

“This is a path and this first milestone is important for us. We are giving up our skin because it may or may not be a creature from the point of view of the direction of Andalusia, but PSOE will always be”, he said, before emphasizing That PSOE “He will remain with Andalusian in any way and I, of course, also assume my responsibility to continue working for Andalusia as it cannot be otherwise”.

When asked whether he was to blame for the fact that the outcome of 19J could affect the stability of the federal PSOE and even Pedro Sánchez’s government, the socialist candidate admitted that “these elections are before us in Andalusian.” The socialists have already been presented to me personally. Complex and very difficult scenarios”.

“But hey, I’m a long-distance runner, I’m a person for whom this already happened in the Seville City Council and who managed to become mayor against the absolute majority of the right wing. I think I have the determination. There is determination, perseverance and, above all, the dedication and effort we have seen in these weeks to achieve this goal, but I do not dispute that the responsibility is enormous, I think I take it with respect. I’ll take it”, concluded Espadas.

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