Juan Mayorga’s Alert Theatre, Princess of Asturias Award for Letters 2022


The playwright, academic and director of the Teatro La Abada is one of the most acclaimed writers of his generation and a benchmark on the international scene.

Playwright Juan Mayorga.
Playwright Juan Mayorga.Angel Navarrete
  • Juan Mayorga “Spanish Canonism is a Dangerous Subject”

Juan Mayorga (Madrid, 1965) moved between mathematics and philosophy before reaching where he is. He has degree in both the subjects. From there he took out a skeleton of his idea. Theater came later. For him, as a producer, he agreed to be late and was full of the saddlebags that life gives him. Curiosity Symphonyn, hard work, insatiable reading.

When he entered the profession, he did so with the idea that there must be a truth and that it could only be shaped by catharsis. To 57 to It has over 50 works between long and short pieces. A good portion of them have been collected in published volumes by the publishing house La Ua Rota. He is one of the most prolific and versatile Spanish playwrights of the last batch. The author of International Resonance, washed down with some of the best awards in the industry and now adds another tonnage: Princess of Asturias of Letters 2022, It has not been won by a Spanish manufacturer since 2013. The last time, until he was in 2013, was Muoz Molina.

The award recognizes a career, but above all contribution and way of broadening the horizons in literature. mayorga, Youngest of the members of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE.)), went to the theater for the first time at the age of 16. in the poster, doa rosita spinster or language of flowers, by Federico García Lorca. Directed by Sergio Lavelli. That young man’s infatuation took shape in growing enthusiasm. Years later, Lavelli directed two of his works. Thus began a campaign through words with the belief that theater purifies the passions of the society.

There is dramatization of his well blown ideas. The texts in which, mostly, astonishment is the engine of the explosion. You there is something of defiance in their dialecticsOf the ongoing contradiction, of the battle to unveil the world’s ghosts, leaving the contrast between beauty and barbarism in the air. Some Pieces Already Required in Spanish Theater The end of the 20th century or this section of the 21st century: love letter to stalin, burnt garden, Himmelweg, hamelin, boy in the last row, eternal peace, Darwin’s tortoise, cartographer, rekivko, family hey Magician, now she is on tour silence, monologue performed by Blanca Portillo. A game with the entrance speech in RAE where Mayorga speculates with the idea that it was not he who read that text, but an actor or an actress who replaced him. a theoretical, poetic and self-pardic text where he gives an account His love for theatre, his debt to his teachers, his fears, his doubtsPanicked in front of a strange world.

Because there is something inevitably uncomfortable with Mayorga’s writing. or objection. He was never innocent. He doesn’t pretend. The importance of his challenge is in the words. in language. What the theater reveals to the audience and against the viewer. Believe in Walter Benjamin: “Art is difficult. and it should beSecondly, the “petty bourgeois furnishings” of my work are,” said Princess Asturias of the characters of 2022, on some occasion. But when you work with them you have to try to create a poetic experience that journalism is not capable of,” he explains.

The characters of his theater live as people live, amid anxiety and a great impulse for life and dignity. Decoding the world from us from collective memory and personal experiences is also part of his DIY. “It’s a little art of the imagination where we are invited to choose an approach. And it encourages more conversation than the cinema, where they serve us a whole stew. It is not necessary to make a theater for freedom, it is enough to make a theater of freedom“, he said in an interview with this newspaper.

But Mayorga demands this from himself not only as a writer, but also as an activist of the profession. That is, programming. Showcasing content from the Teatro La Abada in Madrid, of which he has been director since last February. This shy, hot and slender man, the heavy weight of Spanish playwrights of his generation, is also used, who hides a group of intense theatrics and that comes down to the depths, invites you to trust everything, Or, at least, to be cautious.

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