Judge asks Plus Ultra and its legal representative to testify on June 15 for public assistance of 53 million


The company shall be able to choose whether to respond to all charges and to the judge or only to defend itself; You can also take advantage of your right not to testify.

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Esperanza Collazos, head of Madrid’s Court of Instruction No. 15, has summoned more ultra as Investigated as legal person Why? announce next 15 juneat 10:00 AM, within the framework of the proceedings to be followed Alleged irregularities in giving public aid which he received for 53 million euros.

Legal sources have confirmed Europa Press that the magistrate has for the first time agreed to question the legal representative of the airline to clarify the facts which would give rise to a Alleged offense of embezzlement and prejudice, So, as published vojppulihas anticipated the request of Vox, which, together with PP and Clean Hands, makes popular allegations in the case.

the examining judge has deemed appropriate listen to the company The experts who wrote the report commissioned by the court and the signatories of the report requested by the State Industrial Participation Company (SEPI) presented their findings before the court on March 29.

According to legal sources present on the confrontation between the experts of this agency, the experts assured that A part of the subsidy given by the executive to Plus Ultra is intended for payments made to Petrelios de Venezuela (PDVSA).

Those same sources specified that court experts insisted that the company – as soon as it received aid – proceeded with the Venezuelan state company to pay off the debt in full. Experts at Deloitte and DC Advisor, for their part, explained that it was a Payment to a supplier.

From Plus Ultra he confirmed that payments related to the oil company were addressed during the confrontation. He indicated that the team of experts advising SEPI clarified that “The loan with PDVSA was not repaid due to sanctions and international sanctions.”

The company also emphasized that the oil company is the fuel supplier to all companies operating in Caracas, not just Plus Ultra, and stressed that this “problem” affects all airlines that fly to Venezuela. recruits.

In view of this action, independent experts from the court indicated that there is “normalcy” in a company in need of public assistance. Postpone loans and make suppliers wait.

During the confrontation, he questioned whether the company could receive a subsidy of 53 million euros, while the latter defended SEPI’s decision to provide aid.

Thus, both the teams confirmed the reports they had provided to the court and they had already defended in the first confrontation on 18 January which had to be repeated tomorrow due to a technical failure. In about two-and-a-half hours, experts answered questions from Judge Esperanza Collazos, the state attorney, the prosecutor’s office, and the popular charges she had leveled. Clean hands, pp and tone.

now it will be your turn more ultra, He will have to go to court on June 15. As an investigation team is called, the company will be able to choose whether to respond to all charges and the judge, or to defend itself only; you too can take advantage of Right not to testify.

After questioning, the judge has not yet responded to the petitions state Attorney and of Madrid’s Provincial Prosecutorwho requested file archive Given that there is no evidence of the commission of any alleged criminal act.

state attorney rosa mara cione assured that it “can conclude that the expert report does not provide any element which, indirectly, may cast doubt on Plus Ultra’s ‘Not in Crisis’ status at the end of 2019, a constitutional element” very few remote indications of any kind of crime”.

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office concluded that there were no “strong elements” that would allow the public ministry to change the criteria set out in its previous writings.

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