Judge denies accusing the city council coordinator of mask blows: “He was duped by commission agents”


Elena Collado will testify as a witness in court on the 27th. The judge considers him a victim of scam.

Luis Medina during his statement
Luis Medina during his statement before anti-corruption prosecutor Luis Rodriguez Sol.World
  • Courts Prosecutor opposes accusing Almeida’s cousin and city council coordinator of blowing up masks

The head of Madrid’s Court of Instruction No. 47, Adolfo Carretero, has this Friday denied being responsible for the purchase of the coordinator of human resources and the capital’s city council, Elena Collado, In case where the masks being used by the traders are being investigated louis medina You Albert Luceo.

In a car to which EL MUNDO had access, the instructor says there is no indication that Collado has committed offenses of fraud, prejudice or embezzlement of public funds.

The prosecutor’s office asked the instructor to refuse to cite Collado as an investigation. The judge, in line with Anti-Corruption, held that Collado “was deceived by commission agents” and that “he acted in good faith in the hiring.”

The instructor insisted that Luceo and Medina “hidden” the amount of “their disproportionate commissions which increased the price of the contracts” for the sale of medical supplies that they signed in the first wave with the city council through the Malaysian company Leno. had done. Epidemic of covid-19.

Similarly, Judge Adolfo Carretero says that Collado acted in “good faith” and, at the most critical moment of the crisis, to bring “sanitary materials” to avoid more deaths among municipal authorities without the need to do so. They had an “essential necessity”. “Pandemic with thousands of deaths, exhaustive investigations regarding medical supplies, when there was no predetermined criterion regarding their cost”.

Conversely, Carretero called Elena Colado as a witness to his court on the next May 27 at 12:30 pm.

Nor does he impose Hidalgo

Furthermore, in the same order, the judge also rejected the claim of the Madrid City Council’s representative of the Treasury charging in process, grace hidalgoAs requested by popular charge We can do it.

Purple Formation requested that the agreement signed between the Madrid City Council and the Municipal Funeral Services Company be investigated, requesting that Hidalgo be called as an investigation into the three contracts signed with the Malaysian company Leno. Judge Carretero responds that there is no indication that these contracts were used to evade control of advance payments by “ad hoc” municipal intervention, which, apart from being absurd, would constitute a possible investigation. “

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