Judge processes former president of the Generalitat Eduardo Zaplana for money laundering and criminal organization


He is accompanied by former Vice President of Bankia Jose Luis Olivaso.

Eduardo Zaplana, in a file image.
Eduardo Zaplana, in a file image.EM

Former President of the Generalitat Valenciana, eduardo zaplana, one step away from sitting on the bench. The Investigative Court No. 8 of Valencia has tried the former Minister of PP known as the Ariel case, together with the former Vice President of Bankia and the President of the Government of Valencia, Jose Luis Olivas,

It follows from the indictment, notified this Thursday to the parties, for the alleged collection of over 10 million euros in commissions for the privatization of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) service of the wind farms of ITV and Community Valenciennes.

Zaplana is charged with alleged offenses of criminal organization and money laundering. According to the judge’s order, “we are dealing with an organization made up of individuals, some of whom took advantage of political positions they held at the time of the events, or had been with companies for many years, Although most of them were explicitly created, and were also facilitated by individual entrepreneurs, they facilitated the obtaining of public contracts, with all parties receiving economic benefits, some more than others, as they were clearly From were the creators of the said organization, profits which were later the object of money laundering and other crimes.

Along with Zaplana and Olivas, 18 others are being prosecuted—including Zaplana, Joacun Barcel—and alleged individuals from five companies.

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