Judge upholds the provisional liberty of actor Luis Lorenzo and his partner


The prosecutor has requested that the release of the two be maintained for investigation, noting that the requirements of their entry into prison are not met in the form of flight risk, obstruction of the case and criminal recidivism.

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Actor Luis Lorenzo in one of his appearances in the courts.EFE
  • Investigation Luis Lorenzo’s aunt’s caregiver tells judge how she went from “being good to being bad” after settling in Rivas

Judge probing the poison of Mara Isabel SurezoReportedly at the hands of actor Luis Lorenzo and his partner, the deceased’s niece, this Friday have decided to maintain provisional liberty for both.

However, as the counsel for the private prosecution reported to the media on his exit from the court, the magistrate has maintained that withdraw passport As a precautionary measure in addition to the obligation to appear weekly at this judicial body, as requested by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Luis Lorenzo and his partner, Arancha Suárez Palomino, have both attended the ‘Vistilla’ held at Investigating Court No. 9 of the Madrid Municipality of Arganda del Rey.

The lawyer representing the family of the deceased aged woman has assured that the prosecutor has upheld his request that both be released provisionally. “Despite the fact that he says there are signs of murder.”

He said, “The position of the prosecutor’s office does not seem rational to me and it does not dare to request a provisional prison for such a serious offense. I believe that there is a lot of material for them to enter the prison.” “

Public Ministry representative alleges that precautionary steps have already been taken against him no risk or escape or destruction of evidence.

In addition, attorneys for the charge have said they would request that the doctor who prescribed the drugs to Maria Isabel Suarez testify.

On the other hand, defense counsel expressed “implied pleasure” that the measure adopted by the judge is considered for those examined, although he called for caution while waiting for the process to develop.

They also concede that there is no “convincing” evidence to determine that the old woman died of poisoning, as the technical reports “are not sedatives.”

“The report cannot say whether the cause of death was poisoning or who the perpetrators were,” he said.

Mara Isabel died on June 28, 2021 At the residence of Luis Lorenzo and his companions, who took the body to Asturias for burial, the brother of the deceased suspected that the death could not be natural and reported it to the Civil Guard.

The autopsy revealed that the 85-year-old woman died of “poisoning” of “homicidal etiology”, with levels of cadmium and manganese in her blood being found to be 200 and 20 times higher than normal, respectively.

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