Judges in Villarejo case return to record cases for Brufau, Fen, Repsol and La Caixa


Instead, Judge Repsol sends Rafael Arrazo and the directors of the security of Caixabank Miguel Fernández Ranko to trial.

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Isidre Fen talks to Antonio Brufau.EFE
  • Courts Court again indicts Brufau, Fein, Repsol and Caixabank in ‘Villarejo case’

Head of Inquiry Court No. 6 of the National High Court Manuel Garcia Castellan have completed the instructions in Part 21 of tandem case (The Wine Project) and Commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo, along with five others. Repsol You caxabank and to the presidents of both companies, Antonio Brufau I Isidro Fen.

To go through the brief process, the judge proposed to judge Repsol’s security directors, in addition to Villarejo and his partner Rafael Redondo. Rafael Arrazo and caxabank Miguel Fernandez Ranko, already Rafael Girona You Enrique Garcia Castao,

Similarly, the magistrate agrees to the provisional dismissal and file in relation to the directors Luis Suárez de Lezzo, Joaquín Uris, Juan de Amuntegi and Antonio Masanel in this piece, examining the orders of Villarejo of Caixabank and Repsol to avoid a takeover. Has been. of the works of businessman Luis del Rivero on the latter company.

In his motion, the magistrate points out that the investigation shows “without any doubt” that the two companies, already at the time of the contract You, They had a crime prevention model that met the requirements set out in the law and, therefore, the offenses investigated in this proceeding could not be attributed to them.

Regarding the presidents of Repsol and Caixabank, he points out that there is no indication or suspicion that the order to make the contract with Cenet or Villarejo was known to him, and neither were informed of its consequences or the payment to the supplier. Which was, according to the judge, done by the respective heads of security.

In short, the magistrate has concluded that from the numerous investigative processes carried out, it is not possible to maintain the position of the two presidents’ charge today, “when estimating the total lack of their participation in the facts examined from all that legacy.” The imputation is being laid down for objective reasons only because of the situation”.

In his order, the judge points out that in 2011 Luis del Rivero, who was then-president of Sasir Vallehermoso, reached an agreement with the Mexican company Pemex to increase his stake in Repsol to about a third of its share capital without launching a takeover bid. Arrive.

As a result of these operations, the management services of Caixabank and Repsol jointly articulated various courses of action to avoid the said acquisition, including a contract with the Cenet Group, which created the so-called Vine Project.

In his assignment, according to the judge, it was the director of security of Repsol and Caixabank, who met on several occasions with Villarejo and Redondo from the end of 2011 to the first half of 2021. The contracted investigative services were focused on obtaining information about Dell. Rivero, his wife, head of security at Sasir and former financial director of Repsol YPF.

For these services, the Cenet Group received a total of 413,600 euros from Repsol and Caixabank for the alleged development of a strategy.

While sending the defendants to court, Judge Garca Castellón recalls that Villarejo was an active police commissioner when these incidents occurred. Therefore, the facts described may constitute the offenses of passive bribery, active bribery and the discovery and disclosure of secrets.

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