Judges track Madrid City Council emails with Luis Medina and Alberto Luceo


Commission agent Luis Medina on his way out of court.
Commission agent Luis Medina on his way out of court.Javier Barabancho
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Head of the Court of Instruction No. 47 of Madrid, Adolfo Carter, It is addressed to the City Council, led by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to report within five days whether in 2020 “there is a general email to receive proposals for the contribution of medical supplies, and if so , so that specify the specific address, the way it was advertised, as well as emails sent to the said address from the emails of the people examined contribute to the process louis medina and Alberto Luceo”.

In a car to which EL Mundo had access, the instructor in the case of the ball of the mask also requests the consistry that in the event that such communications with commission agents occur, “the files that would have been attached to these emails” .

Judge Carretero attempted to find out whether there was in fact an official and standard communication channel for contacting the city council for the sale of protective material against COVID-19 in March 2020 during the first wave of the pandemic.

Currently, the consisterium is in person in the process, where both prosecutors are looking into the offenses of serious fraud, money laundering and document fraud as a private charge. Luis Rodriguez Solo like the judge that their coordinators, employees elena coladoWas cheated by commission agents.

On the other hand, in the resolution, the magistrate, through a group of judicial police experts in computer crime, “the message and the original documents sent by Luis Medina and Alberto Luceo” and “extraction of metadata from the above documents as well as the authorship and creation of the same as well as to report on any other circumstance which they consider to be of interest and may contribute relevant data regarding its preparation and, where appropriate, subsequent revision”.

With this request for proof, the instructors at Plaza de Castilla wanted to know first hand whether the businessmen had obtained prior recognition from their respective banks that they were exclusive agents in the Malaysian market.

It is expected that on this Thursday he will go to testify in court. Carlos Martinez-Almeida, The cousin of the mayor of Madrid, who would have put Medina in touch with the capital’s city council, to negotiate the purchase of medical supplies to fight the coronavirus. Popular charges asked the judge to charge him with a crime of influence, but Carretero declined to investigate it and limited himself to calling as a witness.

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