Julie Cruz, the voice of ‘Twin Peaks’, dies of lupus

twin PeaksThe mythological series, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, is inextricably linked in our memory to the iconic musical theme Angelo Badalmenti, In the opening credits, When Little Birds, Waterfalls, and Welcome to Twin Peaks, only those weird and cryptic melody were played.

But the theme composed by Badalmenti had already come to the fore. Julie Cruz’s voiceSong by David Lynch and the title of Falling on the singer’s debut album, floating in the night (1989), published a year earlier. The singer died this Friday at the age of 65 Lifelong struggle with lupusAn illness he was suffering from since he was young, though he didn’t make it public until 2018.

if atmospheric Twin Peaks Theme Became an instant classic, Julie Cruz’s no less volatile song also took off, video clip linchiano Through, the planetary success of a series resulted in a list of half-worlds that sabotaged all plans ever seen on the small screen, and began with the very classic premise of the quest for a corpse.

Although everyone thought Who killed Laura Palmer? (Bob), the answer was in the atmosphere, in the strangeness that hid everyday, in the strangeness of every day, in the indescribable taste of a cherry pie.

Julie Cruz and David Lynch met when the filmmaker was involved in the project no less legendaryblue Velvet (1986), which marked his first collaboration with Badalmenti. He thought of ethereal and mysterious songs that Isabella Rossellini, Lynch’s partner at the time and the film’s star, could sing along with Laura Dern, Kyle MacLachlan and Dennis Hopper. one of them ended secrets of loveLynch, sung by Julie Cruz, and also featured on that debut album produced by the composer and filmmaker.

inspiration of secrets of love (again, mythical) comes from song for sirenCover version of Tim Buckley’s title track for This Mortal Coil’s debut album, One of the Most Extraordinary Music Projects of the ’80sBecause it wasn’t a band to use.

The creator of the 4AD label, Ivo Watts-Russell, called on his artists to create what is now known as dream-pop, atmospheric songs with supernatural voices such as Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins) or Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance). The label brought in 4AD Sounds on three great This Mortal Coil albums to record versions of the classics, the results being just as magical. song for siren, which began recurring in commercials in subsequent decades. At the time, even for David Lynch, the rights to the song were already too expensive, and that is why he could not use it, which echoed in favor of the unnamed Julie Cruz signing, which Badalmenti students in a workshop,

The happy trio of Lynch, Badalmenti and Cruz gave themselves a lot. Together they put on a show called Industrial symphony number 1in which Nicolas Cage and Laura Durnopair of wild heart (1990), breaks down over the phone to make way for a concert by Cruise, who appeared for the first time singing in flames then with a harness to go down safely and dressed up as a good angel the Wizard of OzFrom the Top to the Tunes of the Brooklyn Academy of Music i swim alone,

In Twin Peaks, Cruise appeared to sing rocking back inside my heart with the background of red curtains, among other cameos, and his voice was heard over and over again. repeated in the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992), and in the final and revolutionary third season of the series, released in 2017. He also signed a version of Elvis Presley, summer kiss,winter tearsAn otherwise rather unsuccessful film for Wim Wenders until the end of the world (1991).

Julie Cruz’s second album, the voice of love (1993), collected some of his Lynchian collaborations such as in flames or the title track, which appeared in an instrumental version Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With MeBut now the attention stemming from the Twin Peaks incident has gone unnoticed. Julie Cruz was slow to release the third album, the art of being a girl (2002), now published without the cooperation of his masters, and even more so the fourth and final, my secret life (2011), which included a version of magic seasonfrom Donovan.

The general public forgot Although they didn’t stop workingPerforming all kinds of acts, such as playing in an Off-Broadway drama Susan SontagoTake a tour with B-52’s Cindy Wilson, or join Bobby McFerrin’s choir. He also collaborated with artists like Khan (Fantastic) say goodbye), hybrid (if i surviveEntre Otras), Supa DJ Dimitri (former D-Lite), Pharrell Williams (Handsome Boy Medalling School), among many others. With his slick and precious style, he played classics such as the . recreated it’s the end of the world as we know it, by REM, or by Space Oddity, by David Bowie, among others. Although it may seem like she disappeared at times, Julie Cruz was always there. In the three-decade history of music he left his personal mark scattered like a firefly in the night, but it is enough to close your eyes to see it fall over and over again, always to the voice of the immortal it’s falling,

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