Juliette Venegas: “I feel like two years were stolen from us”


Juliet Venegas: "I feel like we both got robbed
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Long Beach, 1970. Musicians from Tijuana Julieta Venegas They have just released ‘Walking Alone’, the second advance (after ‘Mismo Amor’) from their long-awaited next album, their first since relocating to Argentina.

Can you briefly describe how you’ve been in recent years?
I am writing a lot during 2020. Obviously, like everyone else, I was also locked in my house. I had no plans to make an album, I was a little struggling with the process of writing it. In fact, that’s why it took so long, because I didn’t like it. With ‘Kuch Hota Hai’ we toured for three years and when it was over, in 2017, I told myself I didn’t want to start with another album. I started disarming everything – my band, my agency, my house – and I left the country I came to live in Argentina. This was my way of going back to zero and starting all over again. I’ve come a long way to reach this, to a point where I feel like it’s all lined up.
He is releasing songs, but there is still no release date for his next album.
I would like to devote some time to each of them. The video became something central to me. It’s a way of telling the record that I love it and wish I had time for a release. And I also think it’s better to launch little by little at that time. But I think the full album will be out at the end of the year.
Their tour ‘See Us Again’ passed through Spain in March and returned in September (on the 18th, for example, at Chapinera’s Brilliant Festival in Madrid). Are there songs in this upcoming work?
The album has a more acoustic part and I’m going to play some of those songs. There are some that I have been doing in my live ‘shows’ for a long time, because ever since I wrote them, I started performing them.
Don’t you think that time is more flexible than ever?
I also think it’s like chewing gum. I feel like two years have been stolen from us. I don’t know exactly what year it is. I mean, for me between 2020 and 2022 I don’t know what happened. It’s very rare, but at the same time I like to think that good things have come out.
For example?
When the pandemic started, all of us in the music world wanted to do virtual shows because we had nothing else to do. has no relation to. There’s nothing like being next to someone and singing a song with someone you don’t know. The experience of spectacle is something in itself. And also the experience of dancing at a party in a bar, meeting people, taking out a march. Meeting people is not compared to virtual.
something bad?
Children are a great example. They get used to the situation very quickly at a certain age. But as soon as they went to school, it was like… Sure, there’s nothing like shaking hands, nothing like that. We need it almost as a therapy. It seems to me that there was a certain madness and bitterness in everyone when we couldn’t see each other. Because it’s something important.
Before I mentioned concerts by ‘streaming’. How does ‘online’ get into the real?
Social networks become a way to be present… to be present in front of others. You express yourself through an opinion and you don’t even notice what the person next to you said, who may not even be a person, but an opinion.
by which method?
Everyone expresses his opinion. And of course there’s going to be a fight. The Internet and social networks have their positives and negatives. For example, the downside is that you don’t see how politicians use it, dividing people all the time, radicalizing them. It is very easy to manipulate social media unless you are widely aware and attentive. I have always been telling my daughter that you cannot be on your side of everything.
Anything clear in these two and a half years?
If I take anything positive from all of this about the pandemic, I want to think that we have realized that we are much more alike and alike than we think. Afterwards, things keep happening, but for a moment it seems as though they did.

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