Justice rejects Madrid City Council mixed group, Almeida’s support in latest budget


The judge believes that Mass Madrid was already formed as a party in 2019 and that the councilors should be considered unattached

mixed group councilor
mixed group councilorXavi Martinez

Mixed group travel in the Madrid City Council, made up of four councilors divided from Mass Madrid – today three after the departure of Felipe Lamas – has been limited. The capital’s justice has turned him down and mayors Luis Cueto, Marta Higueres and José Manuel Calvo will be deemed unassigned.

This is determined by the controversial-Administrative Court No. 30, when considering the “Not in accordance with the law” movement, which last September had the support of the municipal government-PP and citizens. The three Carmenista mayors Jose Luis Martínez were critical of Almeida’s executive to approve the Mobility Ordinance, the 2022 Budget or the Terrazas Ordinance

According to the sentence, which can be appealed in 15 days, Mas Madrid, the group from which they parted, “He participated in that election appointment [la de mayo de 2019] This is how it was first legally constituted as a political party”. And “it had already acquired its legal personality with such consideration.” That the formation did not participate in the elections as a single party was the justification used by both the councilors and the city council to form the mixed group.

The sentence, which also imposes a cost of the process on the city council, was made public on the same day that the justice rejected Woakes’ appeal, which did not recognize the mixed group, because this new formation “does not replace economic resources”. is allocated” and it fits. But, a few hours later, the situation was quite the opposite with an appeal from Mass Madrid which called for the cancellation of the agreement by which Carmenistas got his group in the month of September.

In those eight months, Recupera has become a major support for the municipal government of the Madrid capital. AndThe first agreement approved by divided mayors was the new mobility ordinance.which re-regulated Madrid Central, and for which the City Council did not have the necessary support, given the refusal of Vox, Mas Madrid and PSOE.

Later the budget of the municipal corporation will come, in which the mayor Among other measures, the capital closed an agreement with the concierge in exchange for naming the favorite daughter of the recently deceased Almudena Grandes., at which point the municipal government had refused until that moment. And the final approval thanks to the Carmenistas was the roofing ordinance, which the city council enacted in early 2022 to regulate these spaces expanded by Covid.

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