K-pop group BTS announced a “stagnation” and the stock market value of its record company fell.


After their latest ‘single’, members of the group have explained that they are “tired” and want to capitalize on their solo career.

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korean pop group bts has announced a pause in its career this Tuesday so that its members can focus on their solo pursuits. seven members of the group k-popwhich generates billions of dollars for the South Korean economy, announced during its annual dinner called Celebrationsent by streaming,

“Now we enter a pause”where is Doubt, 29, in a video posted on the group’s official channel on YouTube. The group members spoke to each other in Korean, and the videos included English subtitles.

rmOne of the components, 27 years old, assures that, after the last Solo of btsGrammy nominated, was a member of the group “out of stock”, “Problem with k-pop And the thing with the whole system of idols is that it doesn’t leave you time to mature (…) “Sometime Alone”,

We are all “starting to think about what kind of artist we want to be to be remembered by our fans,” he said. Jimin, 26 years old. “I think that’s why we’re going through a difficult period now, we’re trying to find our identity and it’s a tedious and lengthy process,” he insisted.

At the end of dinner, several members of the group, known for hits such as gunpowder hey butterWeeping thanking his followers, whom . is referred to as army, The group “must set aside some time to learn to be one again,” he acknowledged. J-Hope, 28 years old. “I hope you do not see anything negative in this,” the artist urged his fans.

The news has shocked fans, who wonder if this means the end of the pop giant, although according to the video it is not. ,It’s not like we’re falling apartWe’re just going to be apart for a while,” Suga said.

“We promise that We’ll be back someday more mature than we are now“, has assured his followers jungkook24, who have sought the “blessings” of fans.

new single

The news comes just days after the group released evidenceA compilation album that includes a new single, yet to come (most beautiful moment),

is septate First South Korean group to break the Billboard singles chart In the United States, he achieved a milestone gunpowderfirst song of bts Sung entirely in English.

They are also one of the few groups since the Beatles’ release. Four albums that have been number one in the United States in less than two years. is grouped two-time grammy nomineeBut he hasn’t won yet.

Recently, BTS made headlines for their White House tour To deliver a message to President Joe Biden on combating anti-Asian racism.

Record label stock decline

Shares in the management agency of the famous Korean pop group bts Following the announcement of an indefinite hiatus, they plunged into the SAIL stock market this Wednesday, down 27% around 10:40 a.m. local time (03:40 a.m. Spanish time).

really, The company’s stock market value is down 60% this year and is approaching the lowest price since its IPO in October 2020.

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