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The KickassTorrents site (also called Kickass Torrents, or merely KAT) was resurrected. Some of the first staff, which brought the community component of the website back in, have relaunched the notorious torrent website at new, with exactly the exact same look and feel as the original. Unsurprisingly, the website is already viewing technical problems, probably not aided by a load of several torrent users keen to take a look.
Back in July, the first KAT website went down following alleged creator Artem Vaulin was detained. The world’s hottest torrent website disappeared off the web, though genuine couches and imitation websites quickly popped up to take its own place.


Currently, some five weeks after, the first KAT team is doing its best to bring the Website back into formal glory:
“The vast majority of our first staff, admins, and moderation team joined us afterward went — that is something we are quite proud of,” that the KATcr team informed TorrentFreak. “This reveals the devotion, devotion, and actual love for KAT which all of us share. We’ve got all of our major uploaders on board and they chose to discuss logically even prior to the torrent engines returned. The torrent community may continue to expect to observe uploads from all of the titles they know and hope.”
And that last part is what really makes this brand new website stick out from all others attempting to attract KAT back. Possessing many of the first torrent uploaders means new content that countless consumers — and other torrent websites, in The Pirate Bay into the tiniest torrent website — will wish to catch.
That said, it is important to keep in mind that while this seems to be the best effort to attract KAT back nevertheless, the motives of the team aren’t yet very clear. What’s more, there’s no warranty will probably be around for long. The brand new Kickass Torrents site is once more back on the internet and with lots of new Kickass proxies and options.

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The peer-reviewed file-sharing website became the world’s largest piracy hub following The Pirate Bay went offline following boosting copyrighted content.
Soon after the US authorities and law enforcement closed down the initial KAT website, a bunch of dedicated website staffers established the forum hopes of bringing the Kickass torrent download websites to its former glory shortly.’s group has launched a new torrent site which looks like the first Kickass website. It hosts a fantastic number of torrent files and magnet connections for film torrents, TV shows, applications, games, and audio torrents.

The brand new Kickass Torrent website ( is back online with a few initial staff and committed uploaders.

The torrent community may continue to expect to observe uploads from all of the titles they know and hope.”
Meanwhile, the Australian ISPs have blocked access to 5 best torrent download sites, such as Pirate Bay and Isohunt, mentioning copyright legislation.
After the shutdown of their first KickassTorrent gateway before this season, many mirror sites came up online, promising to be the actual reincarnation.
Here below We’ve listed some KickAss proxy websites:

kickasstorrents proxy


Such sites could try to steal customers’ private information and credit card credentials.

The group supporting the new KickassTorrent guarantees the pirates are safe and protected at its new portal site.

“To help keep our members secure, we opted to reconstruct and maintain only safe components. Regardless of the fact that a reconstruct took more, the protection of the community comes ,” among the group members informed TorrentFreak.
The KAT cr team members also think that the initial operators of this Kickass Torrents site will walk free.

It is possible to download and set up uTorrent from the official site and add magnet hyperlinks or .torrent files downloaded in the torrent sites to this particular software for automatic downloads utilizing torrent trackers.

Once downloaded, you’re advised to scan each file with an upgraded Antivirus and try to download documents published by trusted resources locally.
Apart from that, you could even assess opinions and evaluations on torrent sites to be aware of whether the shared document is first or currently or if anybody has experienced virus attacks together with the torrent.

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BitTorrent software manages big files unusually well and is famed for downloading files. KickassTorrents, previously the world’s biggest torrent website, was reborn due to its own first keepers.
US federal government had removed the website around July this year, shortly after the arrest of the website’s alleged proprietor, Artem Vaulin.
As with the majority of torrent sites now, KickassTorrents’ (KAT) servers have been dispersed all around the planet, which makes them nearly impossible to take down simultaneously. Though the domains were captured by the national government and its owner detained, the website’s unique database of torrents and neighborhood stay intact.
Their efforts are recorded on forums in


Considering these admins and moderators do not seem to gain access to KAT’s unique codebase, the website isn’t a specific replica of the first website. TorrentFreak points out the consumer database is fresh and the torrent database is not yet complete.
The opportunity to rebuild the website from scratch has given the group the to construct a more protected KAT. “To be able to keep our members secure we opted to reconstruct and maintain only safe components. Regardless of the fact that a reconstruction took more, the protection of the community comes,” a community member told TorrentFreak.
Lately, the KAT team seems unconcerned by lawful action against the website. They assert that the website follows DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) processes and their aim is to keep KAT as a”community-based forum along with also a torrent search engine” that does not host criminal content.
We could not confirm that announcement for ourselves since the new website seems to be down. A message in the website admin reads,”Servers Load happen to be changed, there are additional sources of the matter, it is not only one.”

Kickass Proxy Sites
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Anything else KAT members might assert, but it is worth noting that the national government has charged the owner of the website with copyright infringement and captured the initial domain names for hosting over $1billion worth of content.
And who are we kidding, KAT did not develop into the world’s biggest torrent website by adhering to the letter of this law. As per a TorrentFreak report, Kickass Torrents’ first staffers have attracted the defunct site back into life under a new domain, together with its previous articles and previous glory.
The site seems to be under construction at this time with the staffers demonstrating a message stating,”Servers Load happen to be changed, there are additional sources of the matter, its not only one. . 1 thing is for certain, but we’re also not going anyplace, as much those behind this acts desire us to. Cowards always pick the shadows to perpetuate their actions, and that I do hope they understand how to pray they will need it”

As a result of a particular request from staff members, the site has also pinned a YouTube connection to Rick Astley’s renowned track Never Gonna Give Up You, which resembles never gonna give up without gonna allow you down without gonna rush around and desert you’ — we presume that is a message into the community indicating Kickass Torrents is here to remain. However, according to a lawyer familiar with all the intricacies of copyright violation, the situation might have sweeping repercussions on how torrents are controlled.

First, a refresher, though all of this talk of torrents sounds 2006 for you: BitTorrenting is a means to share huge files over peer-reviewed networks, and it is often used for pirating films and tv shows, and audio. Nonetheless, it’s been in continuous decline lately, thanks in part to the growth of viable compensated streaming choices like Netflix and Amazon Video.
That quantity means not only does KAT supposedly cost copyright holders countless, by allowing downloads of first-run films at no cost, but also that it is equipped to take in almost $17 million in annual advertising revenue. That sort of popularity, together with an inclination to dismiss legitimate copyright takedown asks, combined to create KAT a clear goal for law enforcement.

Kickasstorrents News:

Police arrested Vaulin, who’s Ukrainian, in Poland, in which he awaits extradition. The Department of Justice captured seven domains connected with KAT, all of which are now down. Law authorities utilized a warrant to get an email and IP address related to Vaulin that revealed in several iTunes buys and has been used to log to the official KAT Facebook account. That, together with some Whois and GoDaddy hunt, a fiscal path, and messages which identified Vaulin’s famous alias as”KAT’s supposed owner,”'” left researchers with little uncertainty as to his part at the website.
But that is a really big if, says Ira Rothken, a technology-focused attorney who notably defended Kim Dotcom through MegaUpload’s legal issues. Authorities shuttered that website in 2012. There are superficial similarities between both scenarios –copyright infringement, a profitable advertising firm –but MegaUpload was very different from KAT. The former enables users to upload any document (such as a pirated movie) and make an exceptional connection to discuss it, while KAT utilized BitTorrnet’s peer-reviewed sharing technologies. To put it differently, MegaUpload put the documents; notably, KAT didn’t.

“We are unaware of any instance from the history of the United States in which hyperlinking, or even the usage of torrent files, was found to be direct [copyright] infringement,” states Rothken. “In my opinion, without direct breach, you can not have a criminal violation.”