King Emeritus before Felipe VI in Zarzuela: “I have come here to normalize everything”

Historic reunion in Abu Dhabi after 2 years

He told his friends in Sancenso that with his son’s visit he wanted to regularize his trips to Spain and that his crew regrets the treatment at Casa Real.

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King Emeritus last Sunday in Sanxanxo.GTRES


  • Saxenxo Emeritus King assures that he is “eagerly” looking forward to meeting with his son and expects “many hugs”.
  • Royal House Zarzuela reduces Felipe VI’s meeting with Emeritus to a private act after the exhibition in Sancánxo

After three days in Sanxenxo, King Juan Carlos travels to Madrid to meet Felipe VI before returning to Abu Dhabi today. With this visit to La Jarzuela, the father of the head of state hopes to normalize his presence in Spain and his next visits – the next visit in just three weeks – will not raise so much hope and he can become a citizen with free movement , criticizing government parties towards the Crown or former vice-presidents without their visits.

I have come here to normalize everything, Don Juan Carlos has told his friends at Sanxenxo on several occasions. Although King wanted to make the work of the press easier these days and not hide, his reactions have been limited to talking about the days of sailing and saying that he was great. Taking care that any statement will provoke the anger of La Jarzuela or La Moncloa, because the situation is not easy.

Because this trip of Don Juan Carlos to Spain happens on his own initiative. And although the Zarzuela version is that Felipe VI’s father could come whenever he wanted, and that La Moncloa discharged all responsibility to the Crown, the truth is that his return to Spain was the result of difficult negotiations between some of the people on whom he Trusted and Team Felipe VI. His son’s call from Abu Dhabi a week earlier, in which he called to meet him when he arrived in Madrid, set in motion all of Don Juan Carlos’ plans. It was this conversation that made him decide to return to Spain four days later. And instead of going to Madrid first, where he can’t spend the night, he decided to visit his friends in Sanxenxo.

As EL MUNDO learned, at half past eight in the morning Juan will leave the house of Carlos I Pedro Campos To Vigo Airport. There you will take a flight that will probably land at Torejn airport. The place where Don Juan Carlos arrived on so many occasions in official planes, he will receive this Monday like any citizen traveling in a private plane and who is directed to that airport, one for the so-called air taxis. Normal landing strip. From there, a vehicle will take you to the Palacio de la Zarzuela, which was your home for half a century and now welcomes you as a guest.

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Casa Real treated the meeting as a private affair between father and son. Since King Emeritus is a retired person from public life since 2019, he has decided to reunite with Don Felipe, sofa prayer And the other family members, at least for now, don’t deserve to outdo the public. This is why La Jarzuela did not include it in the institutional agenda of the king, because it is a personal commitment.

Although it was Casa who revealed through an official statement that Don Juan Carlos would be visiting La Jarzuela today, he does not plan to give further details about the act at the moment. It is unlikely that it will be known, at least from official sources, how the meeting will take place and who will be visiting King Emeritus in La Jarzuela. Also took up the idea of ​​not sharing photos of Don Juan Carlos’s trip. on other occasions of a personal nature, such as the start of school Do Leonor In Wales, snapshots were distributed.

Raja’s father will reach his house after eleven o’clock in the morning. There he will meet his family, have an early lunch and at around 4 pm he will leave for the airport to travel back to Abu Dhabi. Don Juan Carlos mourned the short time around him that he would live in La Zarzuela. It feels more like a formality than a family reunion, explained one person who has been with the King father all weekend in Sanxenxo, lamenting that his return to La Zarzuela seems somewhat secret.

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