King Emeritus before his reunion with Felipe VI in Zarzuela yesterday: “I’m in Sanxenxo”


Don Juan Carlos’ last day in Galicia before leaving for Madrid to see his son after two years

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King Emeritus, yesterday with his grandson Pablo Urdangarin.Rosa Gonzalez

The reunion between Felipe VI and Juan Carlos I tomorrow, after two years in Abu Dhabi, is expected around Monday, marking the final day of the King Emeritus. Saxenxo (Pontevedra). Asked by reporters if he would like to see his son again, he replied: “I am here, in Sanxenxo”.

Earlier he has said “ask, ask yourself”, referring to a journalist who knows how to floor him, although this could also be interpreted as part of his answer.

He then dropped the cane and made a victory gesture with his fingers on his right hand while watching the photographers smile.

He was asked more about that reunion, as to what he was going to say, but Don Juan Carlos declined to answer. They have done it again only when they are questioned about their grandson or one of them playing handball, Pablo Urdangarin, who went to see Pontevedra yesterday. “Everything great,” he said.

The Palacio de la Zarzuela is where Don Juan Carlos is going to meet his son and other members of his family, such as Queen Sofia, this Monday, his first visit to Spain since leaving for the United Arab Emirates . Uncover the many irregularities and trade abroad. The Royal House believes it is a family meeting “in the private sector” and does not spread photographs.

After his brief statements, King Emeritus drove to Sanxenxo in the car of his friend and host, Pedro CamposWith the applause of the people present to reach the dock, where Brin. There he boarded this 12 meter long sailboat to participate in the final round of the Voyages Interras Trophy Regatta.

The trial ends around 4:30 pm, when the trophies will be handed over.

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